Beta rogues

Hi everyone, hope this finds you well.

I cant post on the beta forms, but wanted respond to some comments i see.

While i might be in the minority here, as an outlaw rogue i really did and still do love Flagellation and the playstyle that goes with it. Honestly its like a mini game to me to see how fast i can get a stack of 30 in there.

While i know peoples opinions with differ on it, thats ok and i respect it.

But i do request not to talk about likes and dislikes in the rogue community in absolutes (all rogues) every rogue has their own ideas of how they like or dislike their covenant abilities. While some may chose depending on which has higher dps, or which has more utilities, or even cosmetic options.

Again i maybe in in the minority here but i do really enjoy Flagellation as outlaw, and i do hope in df it some how pans out that i can get the option to choose it.

The main point here is to just please ask, please give feed back we depend on you all to do so, but please dont use absolutes, there are players of all types.

Thank you again for all your work and time.

Good luck and remember to have fun too :slight_smile:

With flag being changed for a mastery buff, it will substantially less usefull for outlaw.

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From what I read of beta, Outlaw Alchemists are getting another kick in the teeth.
The trinket will come with haste instead of versatility.

It’s a really good trinket for us right now until you can snag a better one from raiding or where ever.

Goes from BIS low gear level to auto dumpster loot for us at all levels.


In theory they could put a haste version of the spell for outlaw. The hunter tree can swap Muzzle and Counter for survival, so something similar should work here.

haste is good stat for outlaw. You cant say thats dumpster loot.

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wow sub rogue got nerfed hard … not sure im interested into one now.

Shadow Dance Doesnt give any dmg bonus anymore whats the point of spamming a 6sec spell for no buff other than casthing shadowstrike…

To get my regular 8 sec I need to sped 2 point for nothing …

Sweet I also get a nerfed version of Shadow Tehcnique and I need to spend 1 point to get what I have passively …

Like really was it suppose to be a peace offering or a call for war cause seriously its worse than before

it’s 3rd out of 4 for me.
Not a good swap, best stat for 3rd.

3rd best for you also , even at 300 ilvl

I was looking forward to having Elusiveness and Cheat Death, but apparently that has changed

dark shadow will increase damage by 30% if you talent into it.

Yeah for 4 points … and if you go for dark brew path you might not have enough now cause you also need 2 point to keep regular Shadow dance duration


No points into Symbols of death because the talent tree isnt completely updated to take it off the tree (itll be baseline for sub)

Some of you might want to read this:

I did and have you seen the nerf in number. And the useless nerf on dance. Not just talking about the duration. It doesnt give dmg buff anymore. You need to pick Nightstalker (That is in 2 position in the tree by the way) and the one in the spec that give 15% instead of 20%

Then you also get 10% reduction on lethality cause of number for some dumb reason. And same for alaricity who only give 8% instead of 10%.

The rogue talent calculator is outdated pathing compared to new ones they whole tree design will change still. New ones start with one node and spread instead of three at the top. Hopefully we can get sap baseline back like why not?! And a couple others.

Sub and outlaw still start with 3 and 2

The new ones as in updated classes that aren’t rogue. Most start with one now I believe. Then widened for a more diverse pathing option. The straight down one side issues feels very very bad rogue hopefully have an update soon since Max made a video on it recently.

This whole thread got alittle side tracked for what i was trying to warn against ( not always a bad thing but the point was missed)

Im not saying what stats are better, im asking please dont talk for the entire community, using flag for example, i know right now quite a few of outlaws using flag. I also know wuite a few rogues using er, and sepsis.

All im asking please dont use absolutes when talking about a community…

Really didnt have much to do with the new stat changes in df