Beta Raid Testing to Resume April 30

Maybe dont have it on most peoples RAID day.

What part of “Kara will be open for at least a few days” are you struggling with?


orc has smol brain

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zug zug my friend

Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, we have to cancel this test.

We’ll let you know as soon as we’ve fixed the problem, and we’ll schedule this test again in the coming days.

Thank you!

While you are at it how about setting up the Pre Patch on the Classic PTR? The sooner the better as we all know its going to be buggy anyway let the people test out their builds and starting areas.


can you update these character templates with the correct gear this time before the new testing starts

your previous update didn’t fix alot of incorrect sets

in the original post, it was one day.

We’re all fixed up.

Tomorrow (April 30), please join us in resuming testing of Karazhan in Burning Crusade Classic, starting at 12:00 Noon PDT (3:00 p.m. EDT).

Assuming the test will be open through the weekend?

Just wanna say how terrible the experience is about getting updated templates

THE FERAL SET IS WRONG. Can you please fix it before raid

Also add primals to the consumable vendor so we can get the crafted gear as well going. We’re suppose to be testing and you won’t provide us with the proper gear

This looks to be written by someone that has never been told “no” in their lives.

Mostly cleared last night. Some notes:

  • Prince seemed weak. Never felt that a tank death was close to happening in phase 2. We had a Warrior tank.

  • Skeletal ushers can be crowd controlled. (Might be intended. They were obnoxious to deal with when immune to CC. Just pointing out it is inconsistent with original.)

  • Curator dies quickly. With only 9 people (3 of which were healers, 1 of which was Paladin off tank) we got him to 25% in the first evocation. Our group was mostly physical, only had one shaman, and did not have expose armor or faerie fire. I imagine it would be possible to kill him in one evocation with a full raid and proper debuffs.

  • Nightbane is not going down easily. It will take some practice and a smart group composition. I’m okay with this!

  • Servant’s quarters gave us mail boots with “of defense” modifier. No idea if that is consistent with original, but man, that was a bummer.

  • Did not attempt Netherspite.

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Yup, they drop epic-fied greens with random mods - pretty much the reason most guilds skipped.

I understand that part.

Given that there isn’t a single mail item with defense on it in TBC, I think it’s worth wondering if mail should be eligible for that “of defense” modifier. You can’t get cloth “of the tiger” for instance.

Apparently ‘of Defense’ is possible on mail boots based off the list here: wowpedia . fandom . com/wiki/Blood_Knight_Boots

That’s for a green item. Wowpedia entry does not have “of defense” listed as a possible affix for Glider’s Sabatons, which is the item that I’m talking about.

Generally speaking, the modifiers are per armor class/item slot and should be the same.

Prince’s damage is consistent to what it should be. As a warrior tank if you aren’t spamming your shield block he can chunk you fairly hard during p2, however out of all 3 tanks that I tested, warrior overall feels the best. Solid single target threat, amazing survivability, good cooldowns, etc. If you put any other tank on Mal it will feel less smooth depending on the group comp.

Nightbane fight is still resetting in the middle of the fight for no apparent reason. He flew off at ~60% and despawned shortly after.