Beta Maintenance: Tuesday June 11


TWW Beta Realms will be offline for a few hours today while we work on deploying a new weekly build. Current ETA is ~3pm PT.

Apologies for any inconvenience!


Woohoo! I assume patch notes are coming soon?


Seeing hunter changes today me thinks.


Probably not until right before they come up

Waiting for changes to the quest log, continuation of the main campaign, maps for dungeons that don’t yet exist, and other delver tiers.

This is a slap in the mashed potatos!


Honestly I’m curious to see where on the world map Dorn is - does anyone know yet? Apologies if this has been announced already.

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Can we please get some updates for shamans? Some better defensives or something? Heck even a “Go screw yourself” would be welcome at this point. Some kind of communication for shamans would be nice.


Isnt it off to the left of Pandaria?

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Western Pandaland, idk how it will fit in Azeroth map, i’ll need 8k monitor to see full Azeroth after Last Titan lol


I think I read earlier today it’s west of the MoP region

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Wish they could change elemental mastery, played all the panda remix content with ele shaman and even at full 476 ilvl the class have a hard cap with the bad mastery, no benefit going over 100% mastery, that stats feel useless.

Thanks, Blue :slight_smile: I appreciate the ETA. Otherwise, I click into the client every so often to launch and look.

Thanks looks like i would have a break of testing for a few hours :joy:

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Elemental def needs a looking at, and shaman as a whole needs their defensives reworked and fixed. Just something from Blizz at this point would be nice.


Can shaman as a whole get looked at? I understand if defensives don’t get updated (as the game has way too many and we should each really only have 1/2), but all 3 shaman specs really are suffering and need help. Tons of good ideas in the shaman feedback forums that wouldn’t take long to implement


Excuse me but why is your avatar a carrot

I wanna be a carrot too

Thanks, I’m really enjoying the Beta!

I created an Earthen Allied Race Fury Warrior and spent a few minutes experimenting with the changes and Slayer spec.

I also spent some time testing on my Shadow Priest and I’m loving the Voidweaver Hero Talent tree!

I’m looking forward to continue testing tonight.

Best regards,

Shaman is the toilet of blizzard lol


an island west of Pandaria, South East from Kalimdor.