Beta Maintenance -- September 6

At this hour, we’ve taken the Dragonflight Beta offline to fix an issue with Talents being reset when players log in/out. This fix should also address test characters that are in a state where they cannot select talents in general.

We expect that this fix will also set all test characters’ Profession Specialization Knowledge back down to 0.

Beta realms should be back online shortly.


Any updates on people with characters stuck in loading screen loop after Uldaman, or people being unable to progress chapter 3 of the Taldrazus campaign if they accidently leave the murloc area before accepting the quest?


thank you so much


About time. That was unplayable.

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Beta Realms are back online and we believe the issue with Talents not being saved/applied properly has been resolved, but we’ll keep monitoring either way.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Thank you for the update!

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My talents are still being reset when I log out and in on my Mage, but my Priests talents seem to stick.

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Specs I wasn’t playing previous to servers going offline, and new alts can learn talents unhindered. But the spec at the time of servers going down is broken and I just get “unable to learn talent” when trying to save and apply them.

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Not only did my Evoker’s talents reset upon login, i am unable to learn any talents.

I could switch to preservation and learn those, but not devastation.

Edit: And now i’ve logged back in a few minutes later and all my talents are there…

Edit 2: And now my renewed proto drake is gone… what even happened in these hotfixes.

Well, Zorbrix, I just logged back on my Paladin and the talents are gone again. So whatever that fix was, it doesnt seem to have worked. The abilities I chose before logging off reappeared on the bar (though they were unusable) after another relog but the talents were still reset to zero.

I was playing a few hours, logged in and out no issues, but after exiting for a period of time and coming back the talents one again have disappeared (Hunter), and trying to import them gives me an you are trying to import an out of date…

I can no longer learn talents on my previously copied character for some reason now as well.

sounds like any char before fix have issue looks like ill be restarting again

I created a new character 5 hours ago, it still has the same issues.

And my Priest and Evoker have both had their talents reset…

You can try to choose a different spec and pick talents on it.
That is the way I found to keep playing on my druid.
But once you log out on it for a while there is a risk of bugging the another spec.
I cannot play as Guardian and Feral anymore. Balance it is…

I cannot save talent loadouts on any of my toons (Druid, Hunter, Demon Hunter, Evoker) and it’s really hindering my ability to test Beta. Setting up everything every time I log back into the game is very time consuming.

Edit: I deleted and copied my Demon Hunter for Science and his talents now appear to be staying. It seems like all characters created before the change are still bugged.

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Talent loadings still seem to not be saving and are resetting. Just happened on my warrior that I copied after the hotfix.


I have a character with this issue.

This worked for me, thanks.