Beta Keys now available

I wouldn’t be a very good beta tester anyway. My only goal would be to test the changes to feral.

I had wotlk beta and it was pretty fun running around with people in HFP doing dungeons as full DK groups though. Death grip tug-of-wars. Good times.

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I’m not bent out of shape about streamers. I watch them and stream games myself. I also never said that I don’t think they are a good source of hype/advertisement. As a matter of fact, I pointed to understanding why it happens. It still does not sit well with me.

Very true. They are not actually keys. It was explained on T&E this week. They have the contest. The winners supply their Bnet ID, T&E send that ID to Blizz to activate Beta access. Then a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo, and easy peasy good to go.

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They created keys for this. Or so it says in the post.

And yet people clamor for it like water in the desert.

It is now possible for you to obtain access to the Shadowlands Beta via limited-use “keys”.
We are providing some WoW community content creators with the ability to reward access to the Shadowlands Beta.
These Beta access rewards are not for sale or resale. Offers of Shadowlands Beta access for sale or auction are false, and should be reported as such to the entity where they’re listed.
Thank you!

It’s right in the OP man. Come on.

And oddly, I saw a Worgen Druid in flight form, hovering in Boralus, named Kitten, and /w to ask if it was you. They never responded, but obviously, it wasn’t you.

Directly in person in some shady back room probably.

My druid has an equally cool name imo, but I spend a lot of time on it vs my priest. I don’t feel comfortable posting with it, since the people I frequently talk to already abuse the forum system as it is. Lol

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It says “Keys”. They’re using terminology we’re used to but the process is different.

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It is poorly worded, and it’s probably why the word “keys” is in quotes.


Ah so the keys, not keys thing.

Maybe we didn’t watch the same streamers, but many of the ‘top’ names in WoW streaming offer cash donations to get giveaway rewards already.

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I noticed on the launcher there is a Beta option. Although I prefer to wait and play the finished game.

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I’m sure you have clips available as evidence. Because I’m also fairly sure that this is against Twitch’s TOS.

I have little interest to beta test this when they have no interest in opening up covenants. I already accepted its going to be an unbalanced nightmare.

Yep, it is. I have no desire to take down any streamers, what they do and how they do it, I don’t care.

I’m simply describing why I feel the way I do about beta ‘keys’.

Edit: That’s also why I have named no names.

It is but I’ve also seen people do giveaways that give subs more of a chance at winning than regular viewers.

Kind of late to open up beta like this when prepatch is already on the PTR IMVHO.



That’s different, since you do still have a chance without being a sub.