Beta Keys now available

Hope you all “know someone.”

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I know lots of people. They’re just all useless.


“Here, have a privilege to test our game for free and to advertise some streamers in meantime”



Unrelated: I’m ready for my invitation now, finished my bruto grind.

Gone are the days of releasing beta invites to those who want to actually test the game.

Today we are faced with beta invites as a form of advertising a product.

SL better be 100% good to go day one with zero bugs.

Edit: Do we get a better chance from ‘these streamers’ if we pay them directly?


At this point it’s just a marketing demo if they aren’t going to listen to feedback. They’ve gotten better about it this time around, but really it’s no different than the free demo cds games used to throw out.

Edit: I heard if you make the paypal payment a ‘donation’ it lets them skirt the issue. Actually, I didn’t hear it, I was straight up told to do it for a chance at the moose back in the day when I didn’t raid.


I have to admit, it kind of eats away at me that they didn’t just give access to those in the community, but used it as an opportunity to help prop up content creators. I get why it happens. It just feels bad. I agree that it seems more like a marketing demo.

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This is kinda sad, actually, most of the influencers just want the game to cater to them, so they can stream it, they’ll provide barely any valuable feedback and they’ll look for things that generate drama, so they can make a 20 min youtube video about it
they can’t sell them directly, but I am sure if you donate to show your support to the stream, you’re more likely to get one

But they have…and will no doubt continue to do so. Most of the people in my guild who got CE not too long ago received beta invites last week.

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as somone who has been in MANY beta’s throughout the years… take it from me…
DON’T get the beta… don’t play the beta…

you will burn yourself out before the game is even released. and it will absolutely kill your drive and fun once it’s out for real


I’m not saying that they didn’t invite anyone mind you. I’m referring to the hundreds of keys involved in this.

MrGM pls :slight_smile: Actually the champion himself testing stuff.

There’s no such thing as beta keys anymore. People need to understand that. Beta access sin’t something you can buy. So, no one get scammed, ok?

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rewards for sycophants

Well I don’t know why people get so bent out of shape over streamers. You’re fooling yourself if you don’t think they’re a good source of hype/advertisement for the game. Letting them give away keys is a win win for both them and Blizzard.

I wouldn’t be a very good beta tester anyway. My only goal would be to test the changes to feral.

I had wotlk beta and it was pretty fun running around with people in HFP doing dungeons as full DK groups though. Death grip tug-of-wars. Good times.

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I’m not bent out of shape about streamers. I watch them and stream games myself. I also never said that I don’t think they are a good source of hype/advertisement. As a matter of fact, I pointed to understanding why it happens. It still does not sit well with me.

Very true. They are not actually keys. It was explained on T&E this week. They have the contest. The winners supply their Bnet ID, T&E send that ID to Blizz to activate Beta access. Then a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo, and easy peasy good to go.

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They created keys for this. Or so it says in the post.

And yet people clamor for it like water in the desert.