(BETA) Dragonflight Priest Talent Tree Feedback Thread

Blizzard!! Seriously, does the dev hate priest. If I compare Holy priest to resto druid trees, I honestly feel like you hate us. You killed our apparatus lego by splitting it up. You killed Flash heal lego with this half attempt at a minor replacement. Oh but hey you gave us the rez cloak and PI lego. Seriously. Why does a Hpriest need PI, we dont. Delete the darn spell, we have asked for it and you still dont listen. Then you want to give us a buff to trigger a short PI. Really? Do you just hate holy. That make senses in shadow that actually needs haste to improve their damage. Renew, stop trying to buff renew, this is not Legion. Its a throw this out and hope it helps heal when I have have to run and cant stop to cast type of spell. Lightwell needs to be deleted. You nerfed benediction to 15%. I seriously feel like our dev hates priest and wants us to play a renew build. Get rid of a druid dev for priests and get someone that actually knows holy priest. This is terrible.

anyone notice that balance of all things is not triggering on every spell. context. i got my beta invite this afternoon cant post in the forums yet but im noticing balance of all things is not triggering on spells beyond smite, schism mind, blast.

I’ve heard re-logging and clearing cache fixes the forum problem sometimes - though sometimes I think it just takes a bit to catch up to your beta invite.

Don’t worry, no need to use PI with your Salvation since we’ll get it with Spirited Litany.

The only spell I noticed it not proccing on is Mindgames - reported that as a bug.

It was proccing on PTW, SW:P, Light’s Wrath, Smite, Penance, Mind Blast, Divine Star (didn’t check halo), holy nova and Schism though.

Probably too late for something like this and might not be needed but I’ll share it anyway.

AOE talent to be a choice with psychic link. By result, psychic link would need to be changed to a 1 point talent.

  • Sphere of Insanity
    2 sec cast
    30 sec cooldown
    Manifest a Sphere of Insanity that travels to your target and slowly follows the nearest target.
    Your direct damage single target spells cause the Sphere of Insanity to pulse for 50% of the damage done to each target within 8 yards. Lasts 10 sec.

The idea would be to have a Blizzard like AOE ability where you cast it once and then you can do your single target burst to spread cleave all targets. Doing this without needing to have targets be dotted up. So it’s like psychic link in that it cleaves your single target Mind Blast and Mind Spike spells but instead it would include Void Bolt, Shadow Word: Death (so you can get double dips from Pain and Death) and Direct Damage of Devouring Plague as well.

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Dont think is too late, they have the source for this like mage crystal that existed. good idea

Except mages had to target the crystal. We don’t want that. That feels bad lol.

Adds another button. :-1:


The fact that it adds another button onto already a passive choice means you can choose if you want more burst AOE or passive AOE.

If you actually took a moment to think, this would be a replacement / competition or just straight up additional quick AOE for Shadow Crash. The problem with shadow crash is that it has travel time, with this it does not have the same issue.

With this, you only need to DPS 1 target to do AOE to all targets. It’s limit / cost is that it has a cooldown/cast time but as a result you don’t need to multi dot.

This is basically like Dark Void but better.

Yes it adds another button, but it also takes away multiple buttons if only you bothered to understand what something like this does and how it impacts the rest of the spec and choices it has.

You still need your targets dotted up, or did you forget we have a mastery stat? Unless sphere performs like void form does and ignores the req for dots, you would still end up dotting your mobs up. Therefore psychic link would be the clear winner.

Maybe put the sphere up as a switch option for mind sear? Either way it doesn’t help with bloat or fixes anything that needs fixing.

I would much rather have shadow crash behave like cataclysm from locks to spread their burn and have no limit to mob # when applying VT. Or make dark void apply both dots to 8 mobs.

Make void torrent cleave to 2-3 other mobs affected by VT/P as a choice node with shadow crash, cause right now there’s no reason to pick torrent.

Then we would have a nice reliable 30sec dot refresh mechanic on the move or big pack pulls in m+

There is way too much talent bloat in our tree compared to everyone else, and I would love to see more talents baked together or dismissed (stares at piercing shadows).

All Your direct damage done to any target will be replicated through this version of Sphere of Insanity. Meaning if the damage done by Mind Blat was 100, then 50 would be replicated to all targets. Meaning its not the base damage of the ability, its the damage it does. So it would synergize with Mastery / crit etc.

It would have a lot of damage transfer because of its cooldown and cast time cost. It can’t be spammed and its not instant cast. It’s supposed to fit a more Bursty option for spread cleave vs passive option.

So it having an option with Mind Sear would not work as it would be too powerful if you can get this and Psychic link. They are meant to be a choice in order to separate out the spread cleave style you want.

Doing this would free points away from Mind Sear and Shadow Crash so you can focus more into single target damage enhancing ability’s to further increase the burst cleave potential. So it could reduce buttons as I stated.

Regarding Void Torrent, I think if it acted like the Warlocks Soul rot in it can be a multi target channel (limit a max target or every target with SW:P and VT on them) and act kind of like Monomania where it can increase the tick damage rate of all your dots on targets and increase the duration would be something I can see happening to make Void Torrent interesting.

Move Void Torrent to be with Damnation as the option for Cleave/AoE cooldown abilities.

Agreed, Piercing Shadows needs to go.

I think putting Vampiric Insight and Mind Melt together would be a good change.

Makes both ways to get an instant cast Mind Blast be an option instead of having both happening at the same time as they have been conflicting with one another.

I think Vampiric Insight should get its extra Mind Blast charge back.
Then with Mind Melt, Mind Blast should either get a a flat damage increase to Mind Blast like 10-20% when its instant cast and/or Mind Spike reduces the cooldown of Mind Blast by 1-1.5 sec.

Also moving Mind Flay: Insanity to Shadow Crash as a choice would be good. Also make Mind Flay: Insanity apply its enhanced damage effect to Mind Sear. That way this talent can be a good choice for single/multi target but its single target still helps multi target but just not as much as Shadow Crash.

I got Beta access and Holy Priest feels relatively strong running around in endgame s3/s4 shadowlands gear. That said, there’s a slew of bugs atm.

Empowered Renew is currently healing for roughly 110% of Renew instead of 10%. Say your prayers doesn’t seem to work, I’ve tested over 100 Prayer of Mendings on the multihealing targets in Boralus and have gotten 0 extra bounces. Divine Word, Divine Fervor (serenity variant) doesn’t work for the healing bonus.

That said, Divine Word Sanctify healing aoe is absolutely amazing and is everything lightwell wishes it could be. Prayerful Litany, Revitalizing Prayers, and Prayer Circle is amazing aoe healing if a little mana hungry.

Yeah, lots of bugs atm. Divine Word seems pretty good for Sanctify, but I’m curious how it splits its healing against larger groups. It does about 150% of Sanctifys healing split over 20s.

Prayerful + Revitalizing + Prayer Circle is pretty nuts. The Renew ticks from Revitalizing scales off the Rapid Recovery (+35% extra healing with no duration loss) talent so it beats out Empowered Renew.

So another idea to address the Mind Spike concern with its mastery interaction of ripping dots and thus your damage from mastery gets wiped.

Take how Clarity of Power worked…

  • Clarity of Power
    Your Mind Spike, Mind Sear, and Shadow Word: Death deal 40% additional damage to targets not affected by your Shadow Word: Pain or Vampiric Touch. Also reduces the cooldown on Mind Blast by 3 sec and makes it instant cast.

And just apply the Mind Spike portion to base Mind Spike…

  • Mind Spike
    Blasts the target for Shadowfrost damage, dealing 40% additional damage to targets not affected by your Shadow Word: Pain or Vampiric Touch but extinguishes your Shadow damage-over-time effects from the target in the process.
    Mind Spike also increases the critical strike chance of your next Mind Blast on the target by 30%. Stacks up to 3 times.

Perhaps instead, add an additional talent instead that adds this effect.

  • Irrationality
    Your Mind Blast and Mind Spike damage is increased by 40% to targets not affected by your Shadow Word: Pain or Vampiric Touch and each application of Mind Spike on your target increases the critical strike chance of Mind Spike by 5%. Stacks up to 3 times.
    Casting Mind Blast reduces the cast time on Mind Spike by 20% for 3 sec.

The Renew ticks from Revitalizing scales off the Rapid Recovery (+35% extra healing with no duration loss) talent so it beats out Empowered Renew.

Empowered Renew is for parsing, Rapid Recovery is for preventing death. You’ll get more parsing out of Empowered Renew by virtue of being the first to heal the damage and scaling with Mastery.

I didn’t test Divine Word sanctify for healing beyond 5 targets, but I don’t think it will have any decreased scaling. It’s notable that it doesn’t contribute to Mastery but the heal itself is very strong and stacks with other available heals from mastery or renew itself. It’s likely to be a staple for any aoe damage fights in M+ that also needs stacking.

Personally, I think the mastery just needs to be changed to something else. That would solve most problems with mind spike ripping dots.

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I’d like apparitions or shadowy recall.

I like the idea of Shadows current mastery, it just fits thematically. So that’s a driving force to find a different solution for Mind Spike damage issue.

Also, we have to be very diligent when addressing mastery to work with something like Mind Spike because it should not overtake Mind Flay as a filler spell in single target thus making Mind Flay and it’s talents obsolete.

So I am very cautious and wary in changing mastery in a way that could result in major shifts. Instead if it’s baked into the base damage of Mind Spike or it’s talents, then it should remain as a good swap target burst spell without being required for primary target and risk loosing the dot/rot identity for a more favorable dotless leaning one.

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We actually agree on this one thing.