(BETA) Dragonflight Priest Talent Tree Feedback Thread

The issue was all the things that were overpowered: scaling to 60% of the priest’s health and 1 min CD with almost every encounter being 1min burst damage, 100% of the damage dealt. When it became 80%, capped at 11*SP and 1:30 min, everything was good to go. I’m really torn apart by this change…

i think the issue is in high level play it would be sub optimal at best, but when it works its super degenerate and ruins the other healers fun.


I’d rather they bring back Luminous Barrier as a choice node against Evang or something for people that like big barrier moments. Well-versed players wouldn’t take it, but it’s there for people that want it. Spirit Shell as it was in Nathria or in WoD is not okay, obviously. Spirit shell as it was post-nathria also really wasn’t okay because it was nigh-useless for the vast majority of players and became harder to pull off than a standard evang ramp.

Whatever they do, I’m REALLY glad that we didn’t get Evang + Spirit Shell builds becoming meta again.

hadnt seen it. thanks bro

I dont mind having 2 weapons bro and not just one. Gives you moree options. Say your in a key and you use life and suddenly another dps gets messed up. Your spell is on cd. but ah ha, you have empowered smend to the rescue. Cant have too many poweful options

Major ramp, mini ramp. Is hjow iu see it

Yeah its getting old for me too. bake the mana back into mind bender Sfiend

Dont think anyone will take this now. Could be wrong

Going to miss it and it would make shadow cov worth taking

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With yesterday’s update, it seems to become ok I feel → https://us.forums.blizzard.com/en/wow/t/dragonflight-beta-development-notes/1278546/11

Bro im trying to watch your vid. patience :stuck_out_tongue: will read that after the vid

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I’ve been wondering for a while and nobody seems to have mentioned it. Since you have beta. Can you tell me if Dark Reprimand (with twilight corruption) can heal as well? Tooltip only mention damage so I’m wondering…

Ive also have been wondering about this, i wasnt sure if it became a flat out dmg spell when activated or if it can still be used for healing

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No, it can’t. Dark Reprimand is only damage. Thankfully it is inheriting Harsh Discipline now.


Please revert psychic link to 60% damage of mind blasts only or dynamically change it between the two if you have mind spike talented or not. I like psychic link gameplay but I do not want to play mind spike.

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Problematically, Shadow Covenant directly conflicts with Balance in All Things. Between that and its 30 second CD, it doesn’t make it very useful as a damage CD. I haven’t tested it, but based on the language of SCov (“your damage spells”) it doesn’t seem to increase Shadowflame Prism damage, which would be unfortunate.

So really, SCov is primarily useful for Shadowmend spam.

Another question…since Void Shift is on the shadow school and technically counts as a heal, I’m wondering if the heal portion would be boosted by SCov. Not that I would plan on relying on it being boosted by Scov, but I do wonder.


Though I think this is a good thing, actually, especially for dungeon. You never want to Smend Spam, obviously, but certain dungeon damage patterns will require some consistent ST healing or damage that will blow past what you can do with atonement. Right now, an example of that is Tyrannical Medivh’s Birds phase. Atonement covers it until you run out of burst spells. At that point, you have to drop a barrier and start Smend spamming to keep up in high keys. This is incredibly useful to have for situations like that which will come up.

That was looking to be the weakness of DF priest. All our ST healing spells barring flash heal were put on Cooldown, which meant we were just going to see a significant nerf in this specific scenario - because Smend is a much stronger spell than flash heal.

Now we have a way to cover it.


Yeah, SMend is definitely much stronger than FHeal, especially with SCov.

In the scenario you mentioned, a DA proc on a crit SCov-boosted SMend would also be very nice.

While I do believe there is some conflict since it only buffs Shadow spells, it now gives much more room since it doesn’t reduce holy spells. You can pair with schism for so much more burst and essencially you only have to weave 1 or 2 smites inside scov window use BiAT, depending if you take teilight corruption or embrace shadow. And now I can see a build where you can take either one.

A reasonable combo would be: schism, light’s wrath, scov, mindgames, smite or holy penance, mindblast or dark penance, smite, mindblast or SW:D, DS or Halo.
Will need more tests but I can see something along this work for raiding.
Regarding to M+ it is a huge buff to divine star, I just wish now they turned both light’s wrath and Purge the wicked to twilight instead of radiant.

Ah…I totally missed that. Thank you.

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Got to play with priest a bit on the PTR and overall, I’m feeling Holy will be pretty solid. Not sure if I’ll even go into CoH for the first time in many years since I’m enjoying a PoH + Renew + Lightweaving build a lot.

Prayer of Mending being instant again feels great as well. Not sure why they ever added a cast time to this ability.

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Didn’t think about this before, but isn’t Unwavering Will a bit underwhelming with both the spells with reduced cast time being equal to the GCD baseline? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It is a pretty underwhelming option for being so deep into the tree.

Also Benediction being only 15% of leaving a renew seems wrong. That is way too low. Why isn’t it still 35%, why even nerf it?

I’m not on the Beta, so I have not been able to try out priest yet. I was very surprised to not only see Renew as a tree talent, but also see that it was automatically selected for Holy. I never cast renew. Never. It isn’t worth it in the current game. It looks like Surge of Light is back, and we still have HW Serenity and HW Sanctify. We still have the instant cast spells to cast while moving. We even have PW Shield in a pinch. So… what is the point of Renew? Renewed Faith? That doesn’t seem like enough. It’s a shame you have to take that talent to get at Enlightenment. Enlightenment should not be worth 2 talent points. Am I wrong here? Is anyone on the Beta relying on healing with Renew? If the answer is that it becomes useful with Empowered Renew or Rapid recovery, then the spell is a fail. It should be useful without a talent point deep in the tree to make it better. I saw that Renew applied Atonement now for Disc, but outside of that, Renew seems like an ability that has outlived its use. I really hope that people are finding Renew advantageous, or I fear the priest tree for Holy is behind even before you start applying your earned points.

Renew is mainly a filler spell you use in high mobility situations like on the beta we had a group that was just power pushing through the dungeon without stopping.

Renew scales stupidly strong with the Rapid Recovery talent and Revitalizing Prayers w/ Prayer of Healing. Revitalizing Prayers is a 30% chance to apply a 6s Renew to your target which basically does 2.5 ticks of renew (2 full ticks + 1 half tick). The +35% bonus from Rapid Recovery applies to it and doesn’t reduce its duration. You also get the +8% bonus from Empowered Renew which further increases the healing the target receives.

Renew in most situations is going to benefit from the Benediction talent. It’s a 15% chance to apply Renew now, but you can talent 7 PoM ticks, and another talent that gives you a 15% chance to make PoM not consume ticks. It’s just free HPM.

If you blow Holy Word Salvation with Rapid Recovery + Divine Word + Power Infusion + Empowered Renew it is going to be a crazy amount of raid healing because Divine Word also increases your Renew healing by +50% and crit chance by 25%.

So I wouldn’t underestimate the power of Renew this coming expansion.