(BETA) Dragonflight Priest Talent Tree Feedback Thread

Holy has also been nerfed a lot though in arenas.

Disc doesn’t really have anything to speak of in arena right now though.

Trinity kinda sucks considering it only can be applied through PW:S which has a CD now.

Holy now has the burst advantage because of Empyreal, divine word, burning vehemence - and PvP is all about burst right now. They’ve also got the healing throughput advantage and Disc no longer has dual-spell schools so it can’t hold that over holy either.

Also I very much expect that trail of light thing to be a bug. If it’s not Blizzard is out of their minds.

I don’t think it’s a bug because Inspiration also triggers off of Trail of Light as well. Technically you get a -15% DR on yourself…

Im finiding with this iteration im lacking many interesting choices which is dissapointing. Im having less damn i really want that and that but cant, esepcially in the class tree

Says this for Mastermind…

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No longer in the talents and doesn’t appear as a baseline class/spec ability.

Anyone know where this is at? It doesn’t say it was removed so its interesting as I like Mastermind but not sure where we get it at.

Looks like we got some more developer feedback:


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At least they were polite this time. And hopefully they bring back Cascade, it’s just a much cooler spell than either Halo or Divine Star.

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Cascade was before my time. I read the description and it looks pretty interesting. Almost like chain heal on crack.

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And just visually and viscerally watching Cascade blanket out over a raid was incredibly satisfying and of course particularly useful for spread fights.

My biggest issue with the shadow mend changes for shadow is that currently on live, before flash heal even upgrades to shadow mend, flash heal takes you out of shadowform thus wasting a gcd just to swap back into it. It’s annoying and I’m really hoping it’s not like that in DF but knowing blizzard, it probably is.

I do like the change you basically don’t have to dump any points into Dispel Magic / Improved Purify to move down the tree. For most raid encounters that’s 2 points you can save.

I’m going to test Dominant Mind while leveling on the beta though.

They changed Dragongliding a lot this patch. It feels a lot better.

As of a couple beta patches ago, holy spells no longer pull you out of Shadowform. Or at least they’re not supposed to anyway.

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Dominant Mind is so op. lol I’m on the beta and I MC’d an elite and it’s been my pet for the last 10 minutes.

Casting holy spells no longer removes you from Shadowform as of DF.

I went Shadow and just confirmed that Flash Heal doesn’t remove you out of Shadow Form.

Can you use them in void form, though? I know this was a weird thing in Slands - Shadow Form still allowed some spell casts that VF didn’t.

Saw the update just now. I think having Halo and Cascade would be a bit redundant since they essentially serve the same purpose… but if I had the option I would choose cascade every time. It’s more controlled and estheticlly pleasing.

My biggest gripe about Halo is its on a 40s cooldown and its outclassed dps and hps wise by Divine Star in a group or stacked scenario.

Cascade looks like it would be a much more interesting talent choice and its on a shorter cd so it competes better with Divine Star.


It’s way better then Halo imo. Hell, it’s better then Lightwell.


Damn, even Automaticjak is posting on the Priest beta thread.