Beta Arena Rating Update - May 15

We’ve continued to test rated Arenas in the Burning Crusade Classic Beta, and we agree with a lot of feedback about the Rating requirements on Arena gear, which caused us to take a closer look at how we’re updating the system.

One change from the original game that we’re including is having your team and personal rating start at 0, rather than 1500, because we want players to work with their team to improve and push their rating higher, rather than give up because playing more is only causing their rating to decrease. However, we also recognize that teams that are starting out or still learning could feel unfairly penalized by a lower rating than they would have been able to achieve in 2007. While the updated MMR system does rapidly increase your rating for your earliest wins, we want to make sure the points you could expect to earn while improving were similar as well.

  • We’re going to increase the Arena points granted to teams and players with less than a 1500 rating. A rating between 200 and 1500 will earn you:

    • 214-344 points per week for 5v5 arenas
    • 188-302 points per week for 3v3 arenas
    • 162-261 points per week for 2v2 arenas
  • The formula for ratings above 1500 remains unchanged, from the original Burning Crusade formulas, and rapidly starts awarding a lot more points once you pass 1500.

We also realized that putting the final Season 4 rating requirements on the Season 1 gear was a bit too restrictive for Season 1, which is when we want to encourage a lot of participation so players can have a wide field of competitors to measure their skills against. When original Burning Crusade first came out, lots of players felt compelled to join Arenas to improve item slots they hadn’t had luck with in dungeons, and we want to make sure that possibility continues to exist, while preserving the prestige of earning the best gear for the higher ratings.

  • We’re going to use the rating requirements that were originally introduced with The Burning Crusade’s 3rd season, which requires a rating of 2000 for shoulders and 1850 for weapons.
  • The rest of the gear will have no rating requirements.
  • When Season 2 launches, we expect to use those same rating requirements for the Season 2 gear, while removing all requirements from the season 1 gear at that time.

We’ll keep an eye on how this feels in Season 1 as we watch how players approach this system, and we’ll keep Seasons 3 and 4 in mind as we develop potential tweaks or further improvements.

Overall, our goal remains to make Arenas accessible and rewarding, while reserving the most prestigious rewards – such as the new rank 1 title “the Infernal Gladiator” – for the very top players, and we hope these changes will help strike that balance.

On Tuesday (May 18), we’re going to end the current “season” in the Burning Crusade Classic Beta and we’re going to test our end of season calculations and rewards. Please feel free to test rated Arenas for the next couple of days and then check back into the Beta after Tuesday to see how that went.

Thank you!


wow thanks, much better


That’s awesome that retail is teaching you important life lessons on how not to design a pvp system.


Here comes the"but 1850 is too high".



This is a lot better. Thank you Classic Development team :heart:


We did it, Red-- Blizzard Forums!


so refreshing seeing player feedback actually being considered.


I would have preferred no ratings for season 1, but this is a much more reasonable change


While not perfect. This at least brings the carrot back for people trying to get a weapon. Gives me reason to play with IRL friends and not just my arena partners.

Much better then it was before.


Why is this even being changed, while Guild Banks are being pushed back to a later phase for “authenticity”???


This is great to see. Thank you very much for this Update.

Even with this Update, this feels important for me to share.

There were no changes made to the Vanilla Classic Honor grind Ranks 1 - 14. That system is a very large part of that experience of the original game. The gear and weapons obtained were the later and more powerful versions, allowing players to be even more powerful than they should have been at an earlier time of the games cycle. Thus becoming the meta for many raiding guilds and for those players who wish to obtain the best gear possible to grind the ranks of at least Rank 12 - 14 depending on class.

There should also be no changes made to the TBC Classic Arena Gear progression. This experience is a very very large part of the Arena experience in TBC. Forcing rating attachment to Arena Seasons where there were none isn’t a good thing for the health of the Arena scene or PvE scene.

The changes proposed by Blizzard are not what TBC is about and breaks the spirit of PvP and Arena in the TBC expansion. Only creating issues, and solving none.

Seems so simple to have the original requirements that were in place in TBC.

Teams start at 1500 Rating.

Original lay out of gear rating requirement in TBC:
Season 01 - No Rating Requirements

Season 02 - No Rating Requirements

Season 03:
Shoulders 2000
Weapon 1850

Season 04:
Shoulders 2200
Weapon 2050
Helm 1700
Boots 1700
Rings 1650
Chest 1600
Bracers 1575
All other S4 gear No Rating Requirements

This original pathing of Rating Requirements by Season is important to keep true to the original TBC expansion.

Any changes to the original as is it was TBC Arena Gear pathing will result in a game experience worse off and not in the spirit of what TBC is about for the community of players who play World of Warcraft.

Keep TBC Arena what it was, this is what we loved about TBC. This is what we’ve been waiting for.


Good change.

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Good changes.

You want arena to be accessible, that makes it better for everyone involved. You want gear to be accessible to everyone because then it comes down strictly to skill for pushing higher ranks. When you had weapons locked up to high rating you were indirectly removing a pool of players who would have been tempted but gave up at people snowballing at the top with too much gear.


Trash Change.


I mean for S1 it definitely is.

If they want to build a legitimate healthy pvp base there would be no rating s1 but they don’t actually care so we’ll take what we can get.


Weapons s1 10000% need to be no rating. Lets build a healthy pvp base right away please.

PVE is super easy until sunwell so that doesn’t even matter.


I notice that most of the above post are postive mostly due to the gearing change, however I have concerns about myself and also for other newer players. My concerns are in regards to new character profiles often known as “smurfing.” Is there any way we can have account wide changes or something similar? This would unfortunately help limit the 42-0 that happens, but also create a more gradual experience for the newest of Arena players. Like say your second character retains the 1500 score. This in my opinion would provide a challenge for those running a 42-0 “smurf” and still help newer players enter the arena. Any thoughts?

This is fantastic news. Starting at 0 isn’t too bad because I was looking forward to playing a ton of matches to begin with anyway. Thanks, Blizz!

Why are you injecting your stupid retail ideas into classic TBC, make it like it was season 1, no rating requirement until season 3. Better yet fix retail so I don’t have to play TBC classic to remember when wow was actually good and cared about casuals.