Beta and stess test available but can't play

Well at least we can uninstall it and pretend it doesn’t exist :sob:

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I know there is no stress test going on right now. However, there are two more scheduled to happen.

Given the situation this was on the level of a 30 IQ.

I mean there have been a lot of bone head situations, but this was like the icing on the cake… so what you are telling me is you make this pop up “on this day” testing “this method”… Yeah gotta call bs on that. I mean you can’t be that dumb.

Then again, guess thats why BFA tanked… when are you going to hire back the good employees?


So, if you get invited, the play button will get active.
And, you will be able to install it after uninstalling.

I really don’t see any need to uninstall unless a person really needs the space in their pc. I don’t plan on uninstalling mine. You never know. There is still over two months to go and I would say it’s possible we could get into something else in that time.

But I do think it would be fair if fresh invites for the next stress test went out also so it gives others a chance to take part who didn’t get to the last two. It would only be fair in my opinion. I could also see them possibly inviting us all back and then even more people as well though. It would make sense that as these stress tests happen they add more and more people.

sigh - always the wrong people answer questions.

That is not accurate. Those with inactive accounts but updated launcher installed does not show the stress test.


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I know how to uninstall games. Thanks for showing me the door, jerk.


Right, bad PR is bad PR. This explanation is putrid.


I have never recently uninstalled wow, it might be hard.

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You just need to throw your computer out the window. It’s pretty simple, if you go to the gym brah.


Keep in mind if you uninstall it you may lose any screenshots you made during the stress test, since those are in the Classic Beta folder and it will likely disappear completely from your WoW folder.

May want to copy them over to another folder elsewhere before you uninstall if you want to keep them.


Keep in mind that everyone was going to sit here all weekend waiting for this to pop off… over

Oh we just felt like you should have the ability to uninstall stress test… HAHAHAHAH

Yes, it would have been nice if they announced this before it unfolded.

Communication was doing good in the months before Beta, then it just started going downhill.


This reply is worse than “You guys don’t have cell phones”

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Makes perfect sense to me.

Look if we’re sitting on a forum all day we probably know how computers work. This is for the 40 year old guy who works 8 hours a day and doesn’t know what a jpg is but knows what WoW is. They probably wouldn’t know how to find the Classic Beta install folder to delete it and would need to go through the launcher.

Should have been announced ahead of time, or at least given a sticky notice though. By this point Blizz should know most of the Classic fanbase has actually gone insane.

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Damn, yo. I’m 40 years old.
How dumb do you think we are? Lol


TBH I was referring to my boss at work.

Welp, stupid me for thinking I was in for AV weekend. I renewed my sub thinking I wasn’t able to launch the client because I didn’t have game time on my account. Nice job on tricking me out of $15 I guess.


Its ok. me and family are all un-subbing before the 22nd

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