Beta and stess test available but can't play


Already answered with this above, so yup.


It’s just humorous that these two things happened at the exact same moment…

Blizzard literally went, “Here you go, testers! You can make a premade 58 and test AV all weekend! Have fun!”

Community: “What about the rest of us?”

Blizzard: “Here is how you can uninstall classic.”


Holy jumped to conclusion. Kaivax didn’t say “you are inelligible for future tests” they said “It’s there if you want to uninstall it easily.”


The irony of this statement lmao.


Read again, I’m speaking hypothetically and about how there has been no announcement saying whether prior stress testers are future stress testers or not. Before letting people uninstall … tell them if they should or if they get to stress test in a few days.


Blizzard is out of touch with its player base.


So… if someone uninstalled the beta/stress and then closed the launcher, restarted their machine, then opened the launcher and the beta/stress was still in the drop down, what would that mean? (Play button still grayed out.)Hypothetically speaking, of course.


Out of touch? Seriously? Why? Because you didn’t get a beta invite?


Nah its because they baited us really hard today
" > This is to make it possible to uninstall easily."
Yeah as if manually finding it and uninstalling is hard lmaaooo


I’m pretty sure people are more upset about the numerous lacks in communication from Blizzard. Not necessarily beta in and of itself.


Nah, because they keep teasing us stress testers with beta access.

And then have the audacity to say, “Oh, no, you didn’t get beta. We just made it easier for you to uninstall.” while we’re sitting here wasting our weekend staring at the PLAY button waiting for it to light up.

I’m fine with not being in, but stop giving me hope then.


Your post is ignorance and a combination of fanboyism.

its not about getting the beta invite. Its the constant “mistakes” that are obviously being used to manipulate people into believing that they have a chance to access something.


yeah its pathetic and stupid.

(Mogar) #74

How have they teased anyone? I guess the timing was unfortunate, but there was literally no reason to think suddenly we’re in the Beta.


There was plenty of reason, actually. For starters, the client was removed from our launchers to avoid confusion about whether or not you got beta. So if it reappeared and it wasn’t a stress test time, you were likely in beta.

Secondly, it took place literally the same minutes they were doing a new test server - which was the stress test server now just renamed for AV testing throughout the weekend, which requires a healthy handful of people considering it’s 40v40…

And there was no communication informing us otherwise. So yup. Numerous reasons.


So the beta client suddenly reappearing in our launchers at the exact same time as AV servers launching wasn’t a tease?

You just straight galaxy-brained it?

“Can’t play WoW Classic yet? Maybe they’re just stabilizing the server before letting the stress testers in? Oh, silly me, this must be here so I can uninstall it.”

And we didn’t even get word that that’s what it was for for 3.5 hours.

  1. We are going to slow down waves and let some in. No one reported they got in, during this some period. Tease
  2. It was a mistake that you had access to Beta, kicked out. Tease (come on, that can’t be intentional.)
  3. Today’s incident
  4. Twitter post, its that time again, make sure your profile settings are checked.

come on…

not teasing…


Its either they are “not” teasing, or they have the worst communication out of any organization in existence. You choose.

(Mogar) #78

It’s a stress test, not a Beta.

You jumped to conclusions based on nothing and are now bitter about it.


And you are blind or just choose to ignore where I pointed out there were plenty of reasons, your information is weak and either way you’re a troll. So shooshoo.

(Phitz) #80

If it makes you feel any better, I can’t play on regular classic servers at all until the AV test is done.