Best way to get anima?

I’m trying to get 100k anima to get all the covenant items I missed but I can’t seem to find a source fast enough to get there in anywhere remotely close to a reasonable timeframe. I have 100k worth in the amount of level 50 alts I have but apparently they removed threads of fate until 60 so I would have to get all of them up just to covenant hop for anima and I would sooner step in front of a bus than do that kind of leveling again. Zereth Mortis is a joke now I average maybe 100 anima an hour from rares simply because they are all dead before I get to them. I’m entirely lost and everything I try feels hopeless.

Can you not buy the account wide anima thing and mail it to your main?? It was sold by the dude next to the flight master in oribos

You should be able to get on your level50 alt, go to bender, buy as many as you can, mail to main, then deposit them on your mains desired covenant reservoir. Rinse/repeat