Best rogue spec for ganking?

Personally I always run outlaw for PvP but that’s because I prefer battlegrounds and other big group-on-group brawls where the mobility of Grappling Hook and Blade Rush really shines, plus having a ranged stun guarantees so many kills.

But for opportunistic, one-on-one WPvP like you’re into (that I don’t have the patience for haha), I think assassination is pretty much perfect. Wound + Crippling poison alone is a huge advantage and then you mix in Vendetta which is explicitly designed for one-on-one situations and your opponent is in a terrible position before he even realizes what’s happening. The cherry on top is FoK which means that even vanish+cloak is far from a sure-fire escape.

To be fair I’ve never really understood Subtlety since they changed everything and got rid of talent trees so I’m probably missing something there. But I think assassination is pretty much built for the playstyle you’re describing.

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Sin for sure. Just remember as a rogue u control the when and where of the fight. If you’re losing the battle bleed em up and dip out. Come back and do it again. Helpful when ganking paladins, mages, monks, things that have some sort of a bubble or reset.

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In group play sub execute is nice. Solo I like sin for the damage.

I love make other players triggered. I only wish I had a bucket finishing move to catch said tears…

Timeless island was the best thing wow did for pvp… to gank your own faction and watch chat blow up with the crying was priceless.

Keep up the ganks, as far as best spec, what ever you enjoy


I like to play sin and outlaw, mostly sin when I feel like ganking. I great talent to grab when you’re out farming tears is Prey on the Weak. Just stalk your prey and wait for them to have a couple of mobs on them, open with a cheap shot then a kidney/BtE and watch them drop. Great times.

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I agree. The speed I can move stealthed, combined with my grip of stunts is a killer. I agree the poisons make assassin tempting but I love a good old head crack and secret technique about 20 sec into the fight. Drops them every time unless they are a healer or plate really. Rouges FTW either way.

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he’s asking what does more damage in pvp. stop being RETARDS with this repugnant attitude and tell him it’s not sub anymore. get some deadshot or ace up your sleeve traits and feel the glory man. assassin is pretty lame too comparatively only because you will never keep up with your target even if it was on a ball and chain.

The irony!

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Sub was great but that was only until WotLK for me. I’m now playing Assassination and it’s a lot better for ganking in open world plus you can do PvE content.

And to add to the whole ganking and wasting time… I used to gank for hours in STV stopping level 30+ from finishing their kill quests for Nessingwary. I myself was stuck at level 33 for almost 2 months just ganking and not questing. Was I wasting my time? No… was I wasting theirs? Possibly hahah.


I’m ganked by life itself, everyday. Why not gank people in game…?


All three are viable. Comes down to personal preference really. I play with a few rogues strong in all specs.


I am reading this because I am aboit to boost an ally rogue. I have been reading the past few hours and I think im ready to do this.


I think sub is more difficult than sin for open world ganking, unless you catch someone all alone with no help in sight. In that case, you just have so much control that you should kill them (some classes you cannot kill as sub 1v1, unless they suck).

Sub is great fun though and if that floats your boat, then have at it!

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Play warrior (who are getting buffs from the last patch) or a demon hunter. If you want to gank I guess. Why this word is still a thing is weird to me.

This is an old thread.

Nothing really different from when I commented on my Alliance Rogue.

You will do fine with all 3 Specs. You have got to really learn how to play the Spec you choose. More importantly you have to learn how to play a Rogue in WPVP.

Have Fun.

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Good points all around, and I would agree that Sub is probably the best specc for ganking with all the ways you have of escaping and being elusive.

I myself am not a ganker, but I have always admired the craft. Ganking is an art form in its own right, and it takes practice and dedication to master…