Best rogue spec for ganking?

Greetings my fellow rogues, I’m a proud ganker, doing my job of making the life of players miserable in the world of warmode during invasions.

I only play sub, but i want to perfect my craftsmanship, is the poison or the pirate spec better then sub to kill people?

Many thanks in advance


Thanks… I always imagined gankers to be fresh 120’s not good enough to do actual content. You went one step further to prove my point.


Damn u seem salty, i imagined players that couldn’t take a gank smart enough to not get in WM.


I don’t think you understand the concept.

“doing my job of making the life of players miserable”

The type of person who plays a video game and that is their goal… I think that screams a loser in real life. Their life is so bad, they have to try and make others miserable.

But here comes the I am so successful story.

But to each their own. Lots of people enjoy PvP, but when people always try and get the leg up because they are scared to lose. Makes it a joke, that is why Wpvp will always be a joke.


Happy to prove your point my dear.

You would be surprise my beardy boi and where do i look salty, if i may ask.

(Oh you were talking to the lady, my apologies)

I’m a gentle person with many issues my good peon, but i gank people over and over because i enjoy it, hunting my preys, stalking them, waiting for the right moment to strike and vanish away.

If you think wpvp is a joke, then why you are in a rp server that is known for his wpvp?


@ Pacog… Not salty. Just don’t understand how someone enjoys wasting their time just knowing they are wasting someone elses. I would’ve enjoyed warmode if it meant my lvl 55 can be attacked by another lvl 55 at any time. And i wouldnt mind getting my behind kicked because I dont know my class yet… Would make me want to improve. Sadly this never happens.

You will do fine in WM Invasions as a Sub. Probably the most frustrating problem will be getting stuck in combat and not being able to stealth. I suggest stocking up on some Lightfoot Potions. Scout the area you are fighting and have an idea where you can escape to safely.

If you’re going solo don’t overextend yourself, don’t get sucked into chasing someone into a bunch of red players or npc’s, pick your fights.

Common sense but get Assassin Buff quick it will help a lot.

Good Luck.


Go out there and make them
Snowflakes melt !


Yeah i’m always patient before i strike to make sure i won’t die horribly haha. I didnt know the lightfoot potions, that 150% speed look extremely good to get out of sticky situation, i usualy only use gunshoes, glider and other busted items to goof around with but i will add those potions to my arsenal.

Thank you!

Will do!


New 120 rogue. I never played this class before.
Outlaw seems decent but kinda RNG. If I get good rolls on my dice I can output some good damage.

I’ve never tried assassination or sub tho
I enjoy world pvp but also run mythics.

Have you tried assassination in Wpvp?

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No one is forced to turn on Warmode.


Excellent points. I also recommend waiting for full CDs and your target to be fighting 1 or more mobs whenever possible. Killing someone who was fighting a rare and at low HP is a sure fire way to get some salty rage whispers sent your way. :laughing:


They do get salty with this method, i also found that saping/ccing someone before he can tag the dying rare can get them mad. Another thing i like to do is to stun lock a guy when he get a few of those spining snake people that push back with the whirlwinds, since you don’t get knockback while stun and those snake can do respectable damage.

Is it better to cheap shot into a kidney or just cheap shot all the way?


Thats brutal! I love it :heart_eyes:


Assassination is pretty good for ganking :slight_smile:


I think for a fast gank, sin is very bursty and because it’s not a lot of RNG you can macro your burst.


Sub is what a rouge should be imo. It is way fun to find a solo hordie and ruin their day!


I was Sub spec until recently, then switched to Assassin. Sub was good for initial burst, but i found myself getting weaker in longer fights. The sustained damage wasn’t there, and if someone could push past my first ~20 seconds in combat they usually came out on top. Since switching to Assassination I usually win most 1v1’s unless my opponent is WAY more geared than I am. When they try to run away at around 20% HP with all my poisons and bleed effects I just toss a farewell poison knife and /wave, they’ll be dead before they are far enough away to mount up.


What a great topic! I’d say assassination is better for ganking at the moment, and it has a quicker CD on Vendetta than the 3 min CD on sub Shadow Blades. I Wish sub was a bit better tho. We can dream!


I prefer sub, but that’s just personal bias because i find it the most enjoyable.