Best rogue races?

In order from what I’ve seen so far:

Night elf > Human >dwarf/gnome

Orc > Undead > troll

Is this wrong?

night elf >>>> literally anything else in the game, why r u playing anything else at this point, fkin reroll you dumb dumb >> gnome


for pvp its only orc and ally its night elf or human

my answer was undead > all because looks are more important.

but blizzard ruined the animations. so rip my entire character list being undead I can’t afford to change it lmfao.

Nelf master race.

Don’t listed to this guy, gnome master race

Ive been playing sub and human rele is nuts for sub

nelf better for assa

Like we said in the Army, if you ain’t Orc you ain’t s#!%

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Yall talked about orcs in the army?

Didn’t I just say that? Meet me out back for some remedial PT.


Well, if humans become ridiculous again (PvP trinket going back to being an actual trinket), then humans.

On alliance If you play sub it’s human. If you play sin it’s nelf. Orc is BiS for both on horde side