Best Race For Horde Protection Paladin

HI, guys, it’s Lornajess Alliance Human Female Holy and Protection Paladin and I’m asking to which is the best Horde Protection Paladin Race choices are Blood Elf Mulgore Tauren :cow::cow2: & Zandalari Troll.
If I were to choose one of those races my pick is Zandalari Troll because of Regeneratin’ being the Horde equivalent to Alliance Draenei :goat: Gift of the Naaru racial ability.

Tauren. Stamina Buff and AOE stun, but I was Tauren before you could be Zandalari.

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Well said but in PVP AOE stun can be cancelled out by Human Racial ability. For Zandalari Troll have you tried it’s Racial ability?

For PVE, as a tank you’ll rarely get the chance to channel regeneratin’ for more than a second or so. you either be constantly getting hit or in an aoe zone. That being said, Embrace of Krag’wa or Embrace of Bwonsamdi could work well as passives, although they work on RNG so it’d be less reliable than Tauren’s Endurance racial. Warstomp is useful in PVE to get some breathing room against mob swarms

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Actually if you spec into final stand you can cast regen to full health and never lose agroo on the mobs. Also I would choose a race based on aesthetics not racials just because it’s minor and it won’t make or break you. That will be the character you will be looking at while you’re playing however many hours that may be. I personally like ZA because it’s a big race so you won’t lose them in a crowded group and they look awesome in plate.


you could bubble regen thats for sure and save lay on hands for later.
zandy trolls have the better regen so if thats what you are look for go zandy troll.

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I agree too and that seems to work like Alliance Draenei Gift of the Naaru if you are tanking a high-risk dungeon