Best PvP Melee specs?

Looking for something fun and OP.

Survival hunter. you regenerate and throw bombs. you’re basically wolverine.

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I don’t know absolutely anything about melees. However warriors can be quite bursty. Rogues are still really scary. Honestly I just kinda chuckle at pallies.

This is with 407 pvp scalewarden gear, pvp trinkets for 5% hp. And also 26% versatility.

Arcane mages… though… I got one shot by one of them. I was literally deleted in a brilliant pilkar of Arcane magic. From full HP! I’m pretty sure they had to stand around and do some complicated ramp then target me with the kill shot and maybe get a crit. I was laughing for about a minute after that tho.

Warlocks too. On average that chaos bolt is still chunking me for 40-60% hp if I don’t interrupt or LoS it.

Warriors, I think? Arms are the only melee that has come close to that scary. And they’re not really tho. Still kitaleble gotta gettum when their rage fills up and run / disperse and drop some cc and snare and usually can whittle them down to where they panic. I feel like warriors could be spicy if the players where just more clever and devious instead of just running in an button mashing.