Best PvE Alliance race for Warrior?

Is there a race that stands out above the others in terms of racials?

If youre tanking then dwarves and DI dwarves are quite good, draneis are ok for their heal but honestly there isn’t any crazy race for warriors on the alliance

It depends on what you like to do, but I really like shadowmeld to drop aggro when I need to.

It really helped in Naz before I got Pathfinder and if Blizzard is going to keep making zones crammed full of mobs then it will still be useful.

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Yeah I have heard a lot of good things for Dark Iron Dwarves. Surprised I don’t see more of them around.

There’s races other than humans on alliance? :thinking:

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I’m working on it.

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Dark Iron here. Best decision I ever made.

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Dwarf. They have great racials for fury and prot both and stoneform is quite useful in all content.

Dwarves honestly have very strong racials
Bloodmallet–take it with a grain of salt–has them listed as #1 for fury

Gnomes and humans are good too, by the way.

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For DPS I don’t think the choice really matters, you’ll get a slight bonus from Draenei racials and the 1% bonuses from NElf OG Dwarf and Worgen but overall it’s not very noticeable

OG Dwarves get Stoneskin which is handy for tanking for a -10% physical damage CD in addition to a self dispel, don’t think any other race comes close in regards to defensive CDs

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I would suggest Night elf or Dark iron or normal Dwarf.

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The beard gives you a 100% bonus to strength. It’s true.


You’re forgetting the +2% to crit damage/heals dwarves have.

It’s huge for some specs.

People are more inclined to play races they find aesthetically pleasing. I know DI is leagues better than VE, yet here I am rolling a VE warrior when if anything I should’ve rolled a caster to get use out of the no spell cast interruption racial.


I’d roll one in a heartbeat but I don’t play Alliance much so I don’t have the Alliance allied races unlocked and probably never will.

Getting to level cap as Alliance? No problem! Doing that rep grind again? Ugh.

Gnomes because they are little and cute, plus they have the added benefit of adding insult to injury when they bash a larger race into the floor.

Dwarves are pretty cool too, plus their heritage set is amazing looking.

Kul Tirans could be cool too, they have a knock back racial that is rather nice.

If you are playing anything on the alliance other than:
Light forged
Dark iron
Or Dwarf

You are 100% wrong and should feel bad.

found the dev


I have trouble finding decent armor sets for KulTiran. My one low level alt is currently shirtless and wearing a cage helm.

The only set I saw that looked good on them beyond their heritage set was the Arathi plate.

or when a brainlet brings a bunch of mobs to you and thinks they can force you into ‘helping’ them by timing it during a whirlwind. Or insert valid number of reasons why shadowmeld is the best