Best Professions?

What the best ones for assassin rogue?

hardly matters anymore tbh

If you plan on pushing keys then I’d go engineering for the combat rez.

This gives you more utility.
Can aid in messy pulls through blind and combat rez.
Repair anvil and bots.
Portable mailbox other than the dalaran toy.
Can make and sell mounts.
Other useful tools like speed boost and slow fall.


Prolly eng and alch

I think irl professions, so you can just buy wow tokens.

In-game professions seem pointless right now.


You very clearly failed to read Ductape’s post.

always a charmer

Buying tokens is not always feasible to everyone. Maybe all someone can do is afford their wow subscription. Maybe they can’t afford streaming services. Maybe wow is the only “pay for service” game they can afford.

Asking for profession advice is still a legitimate question.

Herbalism and alchemy is still a great combination for self reliance and making gold.

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Even putting aside the potential gold-making aspect of professions, they still have valuable in-game usage, as you pointed out in your earlier post.

A lot of the professions have uses.

BS: stirrups if anything increase efficiency when gathering and questing. Can make keys to unlock stuff. Useful for tol dagor.

LW: remove the chance of being dazed.

Alchemy: Potions and flasks. Drake mount which is a 2 seat flying mount.

Engineering: Brez, bombs, repair bot, portable mailbox etc…

Tailoring: make bags. I don’t remember what all is important with tailoring.

Can you play wow and enjoy the game without professions? Yup. Do they add convenience and gold making opportunities? Yup.

There is more of an argument FOR having professions than there are against having them.

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Tailors can use Spellthreads, which enchants their own cloaks with effects such as lowering fall damage or prevent dazing.

I also forgot about goblin gliders. Not as useful with flying enabled but start of shadowlands they will be sought after again.

Very useful in PvP.

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Their still used in PvP and low level questing.

Agreed, and super cheap on the AH too. These are so much fun to use, the engineering cloak enchant is handy that way.

Eng, and LW. With leather working you can craft 470 boots and legs with a socket.