Best healing addon for Disc?


As stated, can anyone share what healing addon/tools or setup they use when playing their Disc priest. I am speaking on PVE content mainly.


(Karenthi) #2

For healing in general I really like z-perl. It has a range finder (so I know who is range of my healing spells and who isn’t), it can show my buffs and debuffs as double-sized icons (so I can see clearly when they need to be refreshed), and of course if colors the name plates of friendly players blue or yellow for magic debuffs or diseases. That’s just the beginning - I don’t even use a lot of the functionality.

(Fpp) #3

I use Healium. None of the other addons are as good IMO.

The official curse page only has a broken version but I’ve been maintaining my own copy of it. All the bugs have been easy to fix and I was able to ad support for the Weakened Soul debuff.

It is still working fantastically.

(Holymonky) #4

I don’t think I can single out one since I have plenty that I consider near essential for me… Nothing really out of the ordinary in terms of the addons however I have spent a decent amount of time configuring them and making sure everything is to my liking. I use quite a bit of addons (I like building my UI myself), but the ones that are directly related to playing my class and I find really essential for me are:

  • Vuhdo - My raid frame addon, the default raid frames are decent but vuhdo allows me to see even more information that can be very helpful (like whenever someone pops a defensive or receives an external).
  • BigWigs - My boss mod addon, I dip into the configuration for every boss to have it to my liking (usually means hiding excessive bars to keep only the relevant ones for less clutter). It helps me to prepare my ramps and be ready for the big AOE moment.
  • TellMeWhen - I use it to keep track of my spell CDs, it can be done with weakauras too but I like to configure it myself instead of downloading someone else’s UI. It’s just a lot easier to do it with TMW than weakauras (at least for tracking CDs, weakauras can do other fancy stuff).
  • Weakauras - I don’t use them to track my own CDs but they are still really useful for a bunch of other things.
  • Bartender - This is my action bars addon but it also allows to automatically give mouseover casting to any spell I drag to my bars (the ones I specify for it) so I rarely have to make a mouseover macro for that. (Vuhdo can also do this I just find it easier this way)


Since you mentioned it I am curious, what can weakauras do that tellmewhen cannot?

And you’re not using both at the same time, are you?

(Holymonky) #6

Yeah, I use both at the same time, as I said, I use TMW to configure and track the timers of my own spell CDs or relevant buffs/debuffs for my class, trinkets too… I even usually add a global group to track relevant debuffs from the current Raid. All that is a lot easier to configure in TMW than weakauras.

As for Weakauras, well there are just a toon really nice ones out there, for example, I have one for the Quaking affix that tracks the CD on when the next one could come in (it can only happen at set timings but it’s not 100% it happens every time it’s up), then if it indeed comes it shows me the exact timer when it will land and an indicator of wether my current cast will land on time or not (sometimes is very close so this helps a lot).

I have one that adds an indicator in my raid frames when an important attack is targeting someone in my party so I can shield him, use an external, or pre-cast a heal for example (very useful in M+ for hard hitting abilities).

And there are many other very useful things like tracking Battle Rez cooldowns… I gave one to the Balance Druids in my guild that will show a notification on their screen whenever someone in their group whispers the word “Innervate” to them, then I have one to track their Innervate CD and automatically makes the whisper when I click on it… And many other things like that…


Thanks for the response. I think everything you mentioned should be doable with TMW.

Tracking the quaking affix cooldown can be done using the Combat Event icon, and when it hits you can track the timer as a Debuff icon.

Depending on the type of attack it is, you should be able to use the Combat Event icon to watch for any attacks targeting party members. The same is true for stuff like battle rez cooldowns.

Also, you shouldn’t have to push a button to whisper somebody. TMW can automatically send a whisper when certain conditions are met.

It may be easier to use premade weakauras, but I think a lot of the functionality is duplicated and TMW is a lot more user friendly. With it I have been able to accomplish all my monitoring needs.

EDIT: The only way I can see for TMW to monitor incoming whispers is to use a Condition Icon and a LUA condition that monitors the CHAT_MSG_WHISPER event. But it is possible!

(Holymonky) #8

Yeah, I guess a lot of that can indeed be done with TMW, but some or them are pretty complex, so it’s easier to just import it at that point and there’s a lot of great weakauras already available.

I agree TMW is a lot more user friendly but I still think there are a few things TMW can’t do, or not as well at least. Things that for example add stuff to the enemy nameplates or highlight explosive orbs for example, or things that add icons or glowing border to your raid frames on top of specific targets, etc…

Edit: A lot of it also is just for having an easy time sharing stuff with other players, I find almost everyone uses Weakauras but not that many players use TMW, it’s quite often in raid that someone shares a weakaura that helps dealing with certain mechanic and it’s not always easy or trivial to make, so it’s easier to just import the WA.


This is true. The notifications are limited. A determined user could still add custom LUA notifications but it would probably be a lot of work.

(Holymonky) #10

Yeah I think indicators is one important factor, one other good thing about WA’s that I can’t remember how well is handled by TMW is that it has a lot of conditions on when to load them, since they can get very complex sometimes it’s nice to have them to only be loaded when needed.


Yeah… to do that in TMW you would have to export the icons and then import them again to use them.


I use frames (shadowed unit frames personally) that show buffs/debuffs and are configurable. Basic frames are almost fine but I like to filter my buffs/debuffs a bit for clarity.

I use mouse over macros for heals, and purge the wicked so I can hover over my frames and press the keybind to cast the spell without selecting the frame.

I use @cursor macros for spells that are ground targeted (power word barrier, feather).

I use a target of target macro for smite (and a couple other dps spells) so I can smite my targets target while I have them targetted for observation/heals.

I mousebind a few spells with Clique (dispel, pain sup.)

I use Quartz to show my cast bar.

(Bowsa) #13

A lot of it is personal preference, but my opinion is that you want to raid progression on disc, you NEED:

Weak Auras 2 (I would get a set of T25 eternal palace Auras, a disc cooldown aura set like the Ablution one, an atonement number tracker icon, maybe something for heart essence, but there’s a ton of useful ones)
An enemy name plate add-on (I use neat plates)
A healing or raid frame add-on (such as vuhdo or healbot)
A cast bar add-on (such as quartz)
Action bar add-on (bartender)
Healing/dps meter (skada)
Player/target/focus frame replacements like shadowed unit frames to replace default player and target frames
Exorsus raid tools (includes a raid cooldown tracker for the healers)
Move anything (let’s you move or resize anything else in the blizzard UI)

If you don’t plan to raid you can maybe cut out some of the UI addons. Some would instead cut some of the above UI add-ons for a elvui interface. I don’t use elvui personally but a lot of people do.

(Fpp) #14

Personally I find it easier to never have a friendly target as a disc, always an enemy target. I usually keep the tank on focus for easy observation.

Skada is nice but it appears to be fairly outdated and lacking in features.

Moveanything is busted :frowning: