Best healer for a noob for 2's and 3's and Solo

I am pretty new to game and really want to run a healer. I have been reading the forums and the sheer amount of macros/hotkeys etc I need to really be good is a little overwhelming.

What healing spec is really the easiest and best one to start my PVP career off with? WIll probably do all PVP. 2’s, 3’s and RBG’s

(I posted on general also accidentally, didn’t know there was a PVP forum)

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The easiest would probably be Holy Priest as it gives a good grasp on healing works, but that being said Holy is kinda bad right now so it takes more effort to do better than the other specs that are doing more healing because of tuning.

Best one to start off would be (imo), not taking into account tuning and just purely how they play/their tool kit, Holy Priest or Restoration Druid.

Holy Priest offers you the ability to do decent chunks of healing without telling you to do DPS or predict damage like Discipline and having a solid CC that can give you a breath of air if you are getting trained.

Restoration Druid is a lot to take in at first with how mastery works, all the different keybinds, and how to kite.If you do learn how to properly play Rdruid it has really good survivability, on demand heals, sustain heals, and good CC chains.

Honestly I would just watch guides/play the healers and see which one you prefer the most, no point in playing meta as it changes every so often and all the healers are viable to get gladiator (or whatever you’re aiming for).

Preservation evoker is a lot of fun right now, really powerful, and fairly forgiving to play with the amount of cc immunity/usable while ccd buttons you have

druid if u can a123 clone at the very least, prevoker if like, u can cast shroud before and during. mw if u like banging strippers

some have family hehe

For my own edification and to make sure I’m not missing something huge, can you please list the abilities that are usable while CCed?

I would suggest start with 2s first, 3s/solo is a hot mess for new player. Healers have different playstyles, have you try some of the healer before?

Holy priest was easy, badly tune after many nerf and lost of greater fade.

Holy paladin is pretty easy too, but lack some of healing throughput. Their main style now is melee wing and will be their main path after 10.0.5 I think.

Druid/shammy, so many buttons, but they are great though.

Evoker if you like flying around, powerful, but short range, can easily be cc without shroud.

Disc is pretty fun, if you like shields, sometimes death is very powerful to finish the kill.

MW, no idea.

You can rescue while silenced or kicked on anything.

You can use ranged interupt to stop casts while silenced or kicked

You can emerald communion while in almost any crowd control.

Your dream projection hot ontop of dream breath ontop of reversion healing is a 500k worth of hots that’s heals your team while u are ccd

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Would you happen to know a talent build that’s more resilient against spam purges/dispels/spellsteals?

If you are against double/triple purge just use higher level dream breath instead of level 1 because it does way more direct healing and less hot.

Dream projection hot can’t be purged.

Reversion is mainly to just proc golden hour and give the 5% increased healing from talent.

Maybe 20 sec cd spirit bloom is good vs multiple purges but I’ve never played it

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Probably play evoker, the cc resist is great and will definitely help you learn healer better. Avoid HPal and MW they simpley get outclassed by every other healer and its an automatic loss if dps arent peeling for you. A typical arena game goes like this…stun, stun, kick, stun, sheep, stun, silence, cyclone, cyclone, cyclone, stun, cast 1 heal, stun stun stun stun stun, oh no your teammate is dead while the rdruid is in the corner licking between his legs spamming 1 button lifebloom to gladiator.

Evoker or holy priest imo

rdruid Imo. Rarely needed casting, tons of mobility, lots of cc, immunity that cant be stopped, extremely tanky, the list goes on.

I’d say Rdruid it’s almost never bad.

Priest for aggressive healer.

Well dont expect to do amazing right now, Damage is OP right now in Arena.

Healers get Heal-Debuff, get worse as time goes on. Be ready to be 2 shotted and non-stopped CC’ed. You LOS someone to avoid such?

Dont worry team mate will die in 2 seconds.

GG Blizzard

Thanks for the advice!



Yeah that’s actually the biggest nerf to evokers most critical heal Blizzard is kinda fried for that shoulda just nerfed the hot by 15%

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Right now? PEvoker is the easiest with the most power.

Hpal and Hpriest may be easier but they kind of suck in comparison at the moment.

Some teams in RSS already spam dispels and I’m like… This is going to be rough…

I really miss having a decent spammable heal in those situations.

Cdew reviewed the upcoming balance changes and he said evokers are going to be really bad against teams that can spam purge. At least druids can reapply their hots or use overgrowth, etc. But evokers have long CDs on their hots.