Best enchant for Prot with Ironfoe?

I made this Dark Iron Dwarf character and on my very first run ever to BRD Ironfoe dropped. Naturally, I made a solemn vow never to use another weapon because why not?

Turns out that even at level 58 it works perfectly fine. Yes the damage is lower, but surprisingly not by as much as you’d expect (for reference an ilvl ~160 1h makes my revenge to something like 800 damage while my ilvl 28 Ironfoe does around 650). I imagine this gap will become exponentially larger when I hit 60 and beyond, so perhaps I’ll have to break my oath, but for now, it’s actually kinda fine.

Everything else aside, what weapon enchant would be best to use for Ironfoe? I tried buying gale force striking but that won’t work on it because the item is too low level (even though the tooltip only mentions it won’t work on items ABOVE a certain ilvl, not below) Right now I have Naga Hide on it (which doesn’t seem to exist in the AH anymore).

Why wouldn’t you simply just transmog it?

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you can’t just break a vow like that

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we can lie to anyone except ourselves

crusader i guess

wouldn’t gale-force striking be better since it would increase the proc rate for Ironfoe…which then increases the proc from devastator