Best battle pet for a gnome mage?


I switched to Lonely Winter recently and I like the increased damaged, but I really miss my water elemental lol. Is there a pet that would look good for a gnome? Preferably something large and either snowy or mechanical. Thanks!

(Amayita) #2

Well, the Globe Yeti and Tranquil Mechanical Yeti are both ‘snowy’. If you have Whomper, you can never go wrong with him.

If you’re looking for mechanical pets that are kind of blue, there’s the Blue Clockwork Rocket Bot, Menagerie Custodian is blue but also looks kind of Arcane, and as I go through my list I realize there are a bunch of mechs with blue eyes, or some kind of blue coloring xD


Magical Broom is always a good mage pet.
Gives that Fantasia vibe.