Benevolence and corruption

I was absolutely hyped for classic, hit 60 and got into raiding (never raided vanilla) and all was going well. Until the GM/Officers of this guild started making it very clear they are only in the guild/game for themselves.

For the last few weeks now a few of them have changed mains or what not, keeping their DKP intact. Which, don’t get me wrong. That’s fine, if it were the same rules applied to the rest of the raid. Gaming their DKP so no one else can compete for loot and setting loot priority to favour themselves.

I’ve stopped playing over the last month or 2 because i can’t sit in a guild that runs like this and it frustrates me that they’ll continue to do so. They’ll Gkick anyone who opposes them or doesn’t see things they way they "should’.

This is not a witch hunt, this is merely a PSA about a guild who is very clearly a corrupt clique who are just in this game for themselves and i think it’s incredibly un wow-like to be so.


You sound like a typical keyboard warrior spouting slander. Nice to see your not using your characters name in the guild so they can argue the point. Less salt kthnx

Hello everyone, I am Paws the GM of Benevolence.
This post has been brought to my attention and I am here to clear everything up.

"In the guild/game for themselves" - False.
While other guilds may or may not sell items from the Guild Bank to their members, I give most items out to the members of Benevolence for FREE.
Items obtained in raids are only free to Raiders and are still at a 50% discount for other members.
We take some big losses due to this, but we value our members more than we value gold.
If an item sits on the Guild Bank for too long it is later sold on the AH.
All gold made on or sent to the Guild Bank is kept on the Guild Bank and used for items that will benefit the guild, such as important recipes.
One such example is the pattern for Hide of the Wild which has been of great benefit to all of our healers.

"A few of them have changed mains, keeping DKP intact" - False.
We have had ONE member decide to change from a Priest to a Warrior.
At the time we were short on Warriors, this particular member was concerned that we would not have enough reliable backup tanks for future raids that may require more than just a Main Tank & Off Tank.
The choice to make the change was brought to our attention 2 weeks after we had begun using a DKP system, that member continued to raid on the Priest while leveling his Warrior.
All DKP earned prior to this point was lost, all DKP earned after this point would later be transferred to his Warrior.
This member did not attempt to use any of their DKP to upgrade their Priest during this time, knowing full well the items would be wasted on him once he was capable of making the change from Priest to Warrior and would be a much greater/lasting benefit to our other Healers.
This member has also spent roughly 2k of his own gold to make this change as quickly as possible, buying all the necessary items available for both a DPS & Tank Warrior.
This member was not even an Officer until recently, so it is not an Officer only perk.
Had any other member approached us about changing mains for the same/similar reasons, it would have been the same story.

"Setting loot priority to favor themselves" - False
The loot priority is very simple and easy to understand, if any of our members do not understand the reasons behind the loot priority they are more than welcome to ask us for an explanation, this is made clear in our #loot_priority Discord posts.
Tank loot is obviously prioritized to the Main Tank & Off Tank, a tank that can hold threat means that the DPS can go harder without risk of pulling aggro , a tank that can survive more damage means that the Healers will have a much easier time spreading heals among the entire raid.
Outside of tank loot, there are 9 items that fall under a loot priority.
These do not mention any members in particular, but rather fall under the categories of Caster DPS / Melee DPS / Healers.
There are two exceptions involving Dagger Rogues & Paladin Healers.
None of our Officers are Rogues or Paladins.

"They’ll Gkick anyone who opposes them" - False.
We have only ever removed ONE active member from the guild.
This member was constantly causing arguments and drama in the servers public channels with other top guilds on the server, they were actively bad mouthing the entire guilds, not just specific members of the guilds.
We are very friendly with the other guilds and work in alliance with them.
This member was given two separate warnings from both I and one of the Officers to promptly cease this kind of behavior.
They did not listen and were caught repeating the same behavior later that day, and as a result were removed from the guild.
Every other member that has been removed from the guild has been due to remaining inactive for over 1 month, and have also been sent personal messages letting them know that they are always welcome back if they choose to return to the game.

"This is merely a PSA" - False.
Your Announcement is not of much Service to the Public when it contains nothing but false information.

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