Benediction Pre-Mades and Queues Hurting PVP

That’s true. I don’t have any friends, but I certainly don’t know enough people to form a premade and no one that I can see cares about forming one on my server.

I think your views on premades do not align even with Blizzard’s stated goals and intentions.

I’m not going to debate how many matches I’ve been in. I estimated with some degree of accuracy I think that the last 20 matches I’ve played over the last few days have resulted in losses. Many of them (again, an estimation here) are against Benediction Pre-Mades. I haven’t even seen a different Pre-Made. They are always Benediction. That I am certain of. In each instance, my team surrenders and sits in the Graveyard and instructs the team to let it finish quickly and not “feed” the Alliance free honor by resurrecting. I understand that strategy in part because their entire team is sitting on our Graveyard.

Okay no problem.

yeah, because blizzards stated goals and intentions aren’t whats driving 50%+ of the playerbase away or anything…

The BGs are not operating in the scope of Blizzard’s stated goals and intentions, so I’m explaining that the scales are tipped too far against the Horde faction in a way that does not make the game “fun”. I’m not a championship athlete or a soldier, and while I enjoy challenges in video games, I don’t enjoy insurmountable obstacles or waiting around to enter a match for a game that I pay to play for monthly.

A really good solution for PvP as a whole is to allow Same Faction Battlegrounds to occur. It seemed to really remove a lot of que time issues for WSG, AB, and EOTS.

Part of this game being an MMORPG is to make friends, build your own community, and strive together to accomplish your goals. Whether it be Raiding, PvP BG’s, Arena, or any other tasks you may want to get done.

This is what’s required. Being a lone wolf will feel lonely, and result in not being able to accomplish everything you may want as fast as you’d like or as easily.

Paying for the game, unfortunately, yet rightly so, should not grant certain things upon payment. Though this topic is a whole other battle.

The best advice anyone could possibly give is to really get to know people and que with friends. Until the same faction queing returns, whether it will or not doesn’t matter here in discussion, this will be your best course of action with bringing the return and feelings you want playing the game.

Wish you the best mate.

I’m usually on the side of the premades and don’t like HvH and I won’t say that’s not true here, but the responses you are getting are all from one side.

In real pug vs premade games it’s not the skill of the pugs being bad necessarily although yes people should try. When someone is talking in Discord with proper team comp and healers and you are a full pug they tend to win. So ignore those responses.

You’re extremely unlucky if you actually keep getting the premades.

if you aren’t doing so, I highly recommend you queue weave with AV as one of the options as the honor from there tends to be decent. Also, try to queue whatever these premades are not.

Stay out of EotS today.

Good luck.

Edit: Yes in regards to the above post, you can queue with 4 other people and make your own little team if you want to.

Just merge factions. Bam! Problem solved.

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I agree! I’m not owed anything, but as I’ve explained and provided evidence for, these results are not even in line with what Blizzard has stated its goals are. We can agree or disagree on the merits of those decisions, but it’s kind of irrelevant. I’m asking for things they supposedly already agree with: shorter queues and smaller groups to prevent imbalances due to pre-formed groups demolishing the opposing faction.

I do group with people on my server, but it’s entirely for PVE content. I have enjoyed playing with a few others in dungeons or group quests. Those are good experiences, and I will continue to do that on occasion.

Personally, I like the framework of PVP Battlegrounds. I don’t have to commit to long stretches of time because my family has health problems and might need me suddenly. This is why I don’t raid. But having short bursts to play the game and learn to be a competitive player is appealing to me. I like the team-oriented objectives in PVP and working with others. I don’t have any friends or people that share the same goals, so I’m not in a position to form my own pre-made. Tough luck, some might say. I would argue the game invites players like myself (the proverbial “lone wolf”, as you put it) to queue and play with random groups. If it didn’t have this feature, I wouldn’t play it. I would just play a different game, I think.

If the goals that Blizzard have stated are true, why does the game not operate within those boundaries? I don’t have a problem playing against the same faction because I see Battlegrounds as a competitive playfield between players and if the enjoyment can be experienced by the players on the same faction with shorter queues, that seems like a reasonable solution. It appears they inject the feature at random, collect data, but then remove it. I would be happy to continue dealing with the state of the game if at least they communicated a future intent to put same-faction Battlegrounds back into the game.

But will they?

I’ve NEVER seen someone try this hard to not be wrong. Holy Christ….

Serious question. You obviously do not have any friends holding you to playing horde (because if you did you would be making your own pre-mades with them).

So you cannot say you play horde “because that’s where my friends are”.

So seriously why not just roll alliance and have instant queues? Alliance desperately needs good pvpers so come join the dark side.

A few reasons:

  1. I’ve already played Alliance. In fact, I’ve played Alliance during my entire time with WoW until TBCC. So it’s a fresh experience for me on Horde.

  2. I don’t want to start over. I play casually so it takes me about two months to get to max level. I’ve worked hard to get my character up, and I don’t play alts. I like playing the character I’ve already created.

  3. I don’t want to pay for a boost to 58 for a few reasons, but more than any other perhaps is that I don’t feel “connected” to my character by skipping over large swaths of content. This is tricky for me, because I have no good reason to re-play over old areas, but I’ve tried boosting before, and I just never cared to play that avatar.

  4. While I don’t have any friends (that’s true!) keeping me on Horde, I have friended a couple of players here that I try to help out whenever they need me (for PVE content).

But again, to beat a dead horse: Blizzard’s position is that “players want to continue to play on their chosen side of the faction conflict”. I have enjoyed trying a new race and a new faction (to me) this go around. Starting over on Alliance seems daunting and even a little boring, despite the satisfaction of shorter queues.

Having said all of that, I am seriously considering a faction switch. I’m not even sure if I’m able to do that, but if I’m not, I will explore the idea of creating an Alliance character if Blizzard is not interested in meeting its own stated goals. At this point, I don’t have many other options beyond switching games, which is just as much effort (actually more) as switching factions. It’s not the ideal solution, but at this point, I’m not really having fun anyway. So the wheels are turning upstairs about that.

Need to read the full quote of which you’re cherry picking from. This seems like a very common case of lack of reading comprehension.

You linked the original post of which you quoted from in this thread.

This out of context ,1/3 of a sentence you highlighted is not Blizzard’s position.

Feedback of which they are referring in their post made July 01st were the posts and threads regarding the long 1 hour long ques Horde were experiencing before any Same Faction Battlegrounds were ever enabled.

The full sentence is stating that players want to stay on the faction they chose. Just like how you chose Horde, and wish to stay Horde. Players want shorter ques. Just like how you’re wanting shorter ques. Players want simple systems to get into a battleground. Just like how you’re wanting to simply que up for a battleground and play in the limited time you have.

The very next sentence states they’re wanting to solve these issues by testing enabling Same Faction Battlegrounds.

The player base, including you, loved it. Overwhelmingly the player base loved this solution. There is no reason Blizzard wouldn’t go forward with solidifying the ground work to have this be the case.

Wished you the best earlier, and still do now. But it seems you’re blinded and wanting to find things to fit your will to post here.


how about instead of a fake mercenary mode which already exists in retail, they just add what most “casual pvpers” want in tbc and give them the comp stomp from ab where they can play against computers all day to their hearts content(if their queue is too long)

I am simply responding to comments or questions. I’m not sure what I’m blinded by. If someone responds to me, I’m usually going to reply to them. Also, this a thread that I started, and I feel compelled to reply to it.

I didn’t take anything out of context. Anyone is welcome to review Blizzard’s statement. It is, indeed, a response to the “feedback” that players had. Nothing I’ve said contradicts that.

To anyone saying “just go switch factions”, I was simply pointing out that even Blizzard does not take that position. I’ve yet to read anything that resembles that kind of purview on the part of Blizzard. Modern problems require modern solutions, and Blizzard said as much.

Yes, precisely.

I read everything that Blizzard posted in that thread the day it was posted. What did I not comprehend exactly?

I never stated that Blizzard intended for hour-long queues or same-faction Battlegrounds from the game’s inception. I highly suspect they didn’t. But due to feedback and their own observations, they quickly realized they had a problem that needed a solution. So their “present day” position is that their customers largely want to keep the faction they chose and they desire shorter queue times. Of course that is their position. That’s a business decision to keep their customers happy, isn’t it? Why is there contention on this? I feel like you’re splitting hairs a bit on the language. I did not leave out relevant information in the Blizzard quote that would otherwise change its meaning; it was purely a choice of mine motivated by brevity.

with 15 min queues its not hard to form your own premade

Your reading comprehension is poor and your anger is excessive

Dude, this is what you do. You Q for BG and then fly to Terrokar around north and kill any Alliance of any lvl. I do it everytime between q. Around 140+ honor easily that’s pretty much none AV BG for you.

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