Benediction Pre-Mades and Queues Hurting PVP

Honor grind is taking forever with 15 - 30 min. queues and every other match is a Benediction Pre-Made and my entire group gives up and sits in the Graveyard.

This is not fun. I’ve lost 20 matches in a row. I don’t mind losing exactly, but giving up because of a Pre-Made and waiting in long queues just to lose like that is pretty discouraging. Also, I can’t even complete a PVP daily like this. Most days, I just give up because I don’t have all day to sit in queues and hopefully get lucky enough to win a match.

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Roll alliance and your queues will be instant.


how can that be, the quest to get the mount is easy.
Npc over hill by water, just pick it up

I think we have to start here.

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It is currently 6:46PM EST.

You’ve qued 20 matches in a row, losing all of them. Average que time being 20 minutes. Average game length 12 minutes.

From the time played alone, with no breaks for food or restroom, this means you started queing today at 8:00AM EST.

Servers went up today at 2:00PM EST.

You’re exaggerating and lying about your experience queing battlegrounds today.


I didn’t say I lost 20 matches today. I said I lost 20 matches in a row.

you should be mad at the cowards in your group, not the Chad winners in Benediction.

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Okay, how do I control what 9-14 other people are doing?

In a row means in a row.

Since you’re wanting to count matches that are not truly in a row, enjoy living in your mind.


the same way you control what the 10-15 enemies are doing but easier since you can chat with them.

In a row means I’ve lost the last 20 matches. This is not hard to understand.

It’s universally understood what you truly meant to say. Though it not being what was typed in your OP.

Is this over a Two Day time period or is it over a Two Week time period?

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I even said later in my post, “Most days…” meaning, this is a problem over the course of several days, not just one day. I wouldn’t bother posting if it were ONE day. The last 20 matches spans the last 3 days to the best of my recollection.

there is a common denominator there, and it’s probably just you being bad

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I considered that, but when the statistics at the end of the match show me at or close to the top of HK and DMG, that doesn’t really make sense. But most importantly, it doesn’t explain the problem with pre-mades or long queues which is the chief point of the post – not that I am losing matches. My performance doesn’t really negate either of those problems.

the statistics! LOL
there is no problem with premades, you just dont have any friends

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Okay great, glad we can remember three days ago.

“Most days” as you typed in the OP, implies over the course of the expansion as an equator of feel, not a direct time given for your lost matches. 3 days, isn’t most days when the expansion has been out for 11 or so weeks.

So you have qued on average 7 games a day, over the course of Three Days. 20 minutes average between games, 12 minutes for each game.

With the time posted of this thread at 6:36PM EST.

You started queing today at 1:56PM EST.

This means you started queing as soon as the servers went up, does this sound correct?

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ALSO those queues are not long by any means, they are perfectly fine
but nice trolling you have going on there trying to make people believe you have long queues

There are old military sayings about how pain is weakness leaving the body, or how you need to improvise, adapt and overcome.

There are also old biblical phrases, used by championship winning athletic coaches, about iron sharpening iron.

However, these are used to help people overcome their obstacles; and that isn’t the way the world is today.

My best advice would be to continue doing what you’re doing, in hope that life’s obstacles will be removed for you.

Safe journeys.

Nothing should be done here. Totally players created problem.