Beliefs in Azeroth

Have we seen any character choose a belief other than that of their race?

Like an Orc following the Church of the Holy Light, a Human revering the Earth Mother, a Blood Elf worshipping the Loa, etc.

This crossed my mind because i was wondering about the idea of an Elune-based class but then started wondering if any members of the Alliance have become followes of Elune outside of the Night Elves. I mean, surely somebody would have, right? The Worgen even lived in Darnassus for a while and that is seemingly the primary belief there.

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There are a few, but none that I can think off of the top of my head.

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I’m sure there are some who revere Elune. Some probably even worship goldrinn

Druid’s already an Elune-based class.

There was a troll priest that converted to the holy light but I think that was soft-retconned out because he showed up as a shadow priest in their Legion class hall instead. Although him being Legion-era shadow doesn’t make any sense either, so I dunno if he’s a solid example of anything.

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I thought that Druids were a Cenarius/Emerald Dream based class? I know balance druids exist and use moonbeams, but flavor-wise and in terms of what they actually do, theyre pretty different than, say, the Priestesses of Elune or the Night Warriors

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Cenarius is still the son of Elune so it’d still be under her sphere of influence, anyway. IIRC, it’s stated somewhere that moonkins are her favorite animal.

Druid as a playable class/gameplay content is definitely based on the Cenarian practice, so ultimately related to the worship of Elune. Lorewise though, depending on the race/culture, druidism may be completely unrelated to Elune.

However, the Lun’alai may be an example of a race picking up a religion strongly associated with another race :

(Also, Moonkin/Wildkin aren’t animals, they’re a sentient race)


Yeah, Zabra Hexx is the jungle troll who became an adherent of the Holy Light by studying books he found in the abandoned Scarlet Monastery (before the Scarlet Crusade had reclaimed it and named it that.)

He was weirdly portrayed as a shadow priest in Legion, though the lack of any story-based reason for it may suggest an oversight by some NPC and quest designers not remembering the specifics of his backstory and just thinking “Oh, a troll priest? Shadow priest, then.”


The Warcraft Encyclopedia claims that the Sisterhood of Elune has recruited Priests from other races into their ranks since the Night Elves joined the Alliance, but this has never been seen in-game.

Since the night elves emerged from their societal isolation, the priests of Elune have also extended membership to a few priests of other races.

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There is a Night Elf priest in Legion who converts to Light worship and becomes a Night Elf paladin. If I recall, her name was Delas Moonfang.

But this was also the expansion that gave Elune a connection to the Light; beyond Velen’s theory in BC, we have Elune’s Tear reacting with the core of a strict pro-Light Naaru. Given what we saw in Shadowlands, I’m not sure if that’s still canon.

Unfortunately not much and knowing this community people would complain if we got this.

In Shadow’s Rising it is said there are some trolls who go to Thunder Bluff and adopt their ways. (They are referred to as ‘Blue Tauren’)

Adopting their ways is rather vague, but it would not be a stretch to assume that means faith in the Earthmother.

Also, I can’t remember if this was RPG lore or not, but I think some Furbolg have been shown to worship the Earthmother, while others worship Elune - still others seem to have their own religious beliefs.

This may also be RPG lore, but I think the Wildhammer worship the Earthmother, or at least recognize them as a deity.

Finally - there are the Lu’nari - a sect of Zandalari Druids who seem to worship some variation of Elune. (Albeit as a Loa-version of them)


Thats actually pretty cool, i wish we saw more things like this in-game.

Vanilla Barrens had Sergra Darkthorn the orcish warrior.

"The land, the water, and the sky are all as one. It is your eyes that deceive you with such separation. The Earthmother is all those things and more."

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The armistice would actually make a perfect opportunity for some cross faction belief system education which could spark religions being shared and adopted.

A line of activation dialogue and one of her abilities as a champion suggests Delas still worships Elune.

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I’ve wished they’d go into stuff like this. You’d think the Forsaken’s many bat handlers would take a shine to Hi’reek.

I really wish we saw more cultural comingling between the factions. IRL anytime cultures run into eachother, even when it’s a largely hostile experience, they walk away with new ideas.

The Horde all have pretty drastically different cultures and you’d think after two decades or so of hanging around eachother, they’d come away with pretty drastically different world views. We do see some of this. There’s a Blood Elf in Stonard who’s taken to the Orcish style of dress and living, much to the horror of his colleagues. And that one Goblin who’s basically an Iron Horde weaboo. But beyond that we don’t see too much cross contamination.

Which is a shame because I think there’s a lot of interesting ideas to play around with there. Like just with the Forsaken you’d think some would start worshipping Hi’Reek, Shadra or Jani.