Bel’ameth wishlist

Here is my wishlist. Share yours

  • I want the aesthetics to feel more kalimdor. The lighting at the moment is too bright and sunny. It really clashes with the aesthetics
  • Wild nightsabers, stags, and owls. Let’s have some more Kalimdor Fauna
  • We need a Temple of Elune. The terrence is good and all, but night elves tend to be very religious. So we need more aesthetics and grecian stone buildings.
  • Treants and Sprite Darters
  • Able to have buildings on the Tree. Living on a tree in Darnassus was awesome. It feels weird to not be able to live on the tree.
  • Worgen and Draenei. Maybe some other alliance races, but not to the point that it feels like their city.
  • An active ship that goes to Kalimdor and Stormwind.
  • Delaryn Summermoon and Sira Moonwarden
  • More Moonwells
  • Keep Horde presence to a bare minimum; This is still an Alliance city.
    edit 1:
  • Add night elf warlocks and named warlocks such as Alia Darkleaf to twilight tower
  • Add Sentinel Commander Lyalia and Rell Nightwind (Yes, he survived.) and Relara Whitemoon
  • Add some night elf families with the kid models

I’d want to see diversity in “nelf warlock” fantasy

Besides the Shendrelar Warlocks (nice), some Demon Hunters in cloth with a staff in front of some books (Illidari Sorcerer), etc


I noticed some of the areas had different levels of lighting, but I like that the lighting isn’t nearly as intense as the current Emerald Dream on live, and I think the color scheme is a bit more soothing.

I think overall it’s looking really good. The only thing I’m kind of disappointed about is that they seemed to have completely ‘Teldrassil’ed’ Amirdrassil(the raid), instead of using it in some way. It’s a really nice looking zone that could have been Qonzu’d(changed) into a super temple of some sort.

Here’s some pictures from the 10.2.5 Amirdrassil:
imgur. com/a/WuXXVp8

It could be really nice to get a similar temple as we had in Darnassus but with HD assets.

It could be nice to finally see Night Elf children as we could have for the Nightborne in Suramar.

I like this idea. I wrote in one of my posts we could rebuild Auberdine as a big city for the Night Elves in Darkshore and the new Auberdine could be the anchor point between Amirdrassil and Kalimdor for the Night Elves.

It’s true. Some Draenei ambassadors as Emissary Valustraa and Rukua because could do the job very well. Emissary Valustraa and Rukua are perfect for this role because they were here in Darnassus before the War of Thorns so they know the Night Elf society very well. They are perfect as Draenei ambassadors. For the Worgen I don’t really know who can be the ambassadors.

(Emissary Valustraa)


Yes to this. Add some some of them in Bel’ameth could be a nice addition mostly when some are already here in the Dragon Isles (Dryads, Ancients, Faerie dragons and Nightsabers (Central Encampment - Amirdrassil)

We really need to add more traditional Kaldorei region animals and allies for Bel’ameth:

  • Some Dryads (we have Dryads in Kalimdor but in the Dragon Isles too so we could add some of them in Bel’ameth)


  • Nightsabers (we already have Nightsabers in the Central Encampment - Amirdrassil, so Night Elves could import this species in Amirdrassil or use them in Bel’ameth)




  • Ancients (we have ancients in Kalimdor but in the Dragon Isles too so we could add some of them in Bel’ameth)


  • Owls (important thing in the Kaldorei society)


  • Wisps


  • Faerie dragons (we have faerie dragons in Kalimdor but in the Dragon Isles too so we could add some of them in Bel’ameth)


All of this could be a perfect addition for the Night Elves and Bel’ameth.


I really do think the lighting/skybox being changed to night should be the biggest priority. They’re night elves.


I haven’t seen enough dryads around, dunno if that was just me.

That aside, #1. SO. MUCH. I think we can have the day vibe remain as is, so long as we have a dark, purplish night. Best of both worlds. Like pleeeeeeease!!!

The music changed to the old darnassus theme by the new moon pavilion area for a nostalgia hit and an updated bear owl bank since it was one of the most memorable parts of teldrassil and only got used like twice.

I think adding more of the houses that are just directly attatched to the tree going upwards would be good too. Vanilla didnt have the tech to fully cover darnassus in housing like the art but this tree could; even if its just for asthetics like the mushroom towers in zangarmarsh.

  • Boats that take us to these places Azuremyst Isle, Waking Shore, Feathermoon stronghold, New Auburdine or Lor’danel if its back.
  • Traders from the Dragon Isles and elsewhere
    • Tuskaar fishermen who canoe to the docks.
    • Centaur hunters that trade the hunt
    • Dragon and dragonkin traders.
    • Nefflin who are curious for the new smells
    • The Windtotem village could send an emissary
  • Lunedane could be revitalize into a neutralish meeting ground for traders looking to trade their goods with Bel’ameth
  • I want to see night elves actively building for this patch until this is completely. Like night elf laborers, wisps, artisans working together. Yes, a certain Dark Iron can join too. Like Add Druid treeshapers. Druids who shape buildings from wood. Kaldorei stonemasons debating with some dwarven stonemasons over methodology.
    Look at how you did Boralus and Dazar’alor how npcs interacted with each other. Let’s make this city look alive.
    Look at how Boralus and use that as a prime idea.
  • Please add a memorial for Teldrassil and the war of thorns. So we have a definitive idea of who survived the War of Thorns and who did not. The named npcs on teldrassil, ashenvale, and Darkshore. So we can know for sure who survived and who didn’t
  • Maybe a portal to astranaar and visitors from there.

There is a night sky with stars in the area directly under the tree where the city is. It has the wisps flying through the branches above. Very pretty. Would be neat if it extended to more of the zone.

Some npcs that I hope to see:

  • Horde shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near it, all NPCs should be hostile to Horde players

Enchanted Fey Dragon was a store mount, would be cool to see these, in an un-armored version, as non-hostile creatures flying around.

The changing colors would be cool for Dragon Isles.

I will add some more things about this part:

We really need to add more traditional Kaldorei region animals and allies for Bel’ameth:

  • Some Dryads (we have Dryads in Kalimdor but in the Dragon Isles too so we could add some of them in Bel’ameth). We really need to add Dryads in Bel’ameth and in Amirdrassil because I didn’t even find one Dryad (we even got 2 green dragons) and they are natural ally of the Night Elves, it’s a really important addition to this area.


  • Nightsabers. I see some of Nightsabers so it’s a good point. If we can some more in Bel’ameth itself, it could a very good thing.


  • Ancients. Nothing to say about this. I see many of them so it’s a good thing.


  • Owls. Very important thing in the Kaldorei society so if we could add some of them in Bel’ameth, it could be a nice addition.


  • Wisps. Need some of them in Bel’ameth and Amirdrassil just to say they are here.


  • Treants. I see only two of them. We need to get some more treants in Amirdrassil.


  • Faerie dragons. We are on the Dragon Isles so we could at least get some of them in Bel’ameth and Amirdrassil because I didn’t see one of them.


Also please add more Night Elf structures in Bel’ameth and Amirdrassil. Make something as big/majestic as Darnassus in Amirdrassil. :dracthyr_blob_dance_animated:

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Add: Finel. The last survivor of Teldrassil

Having this character who might be 7-9 years old make her debut appearance. Maybe adopted by Tyrande will be a very symbolic image. To see the last Kaldorei saved is something not to be missed.

Also add Ishala, Belysra Starbreeze’s kid.


It’s pretty, but not quite what I had in mind.

Personally, I would like:

At least some of the buildings from Darnassus.
Currently, it looks like a small village, not a city. At least the Temple of the Moon should be in the old style. It looks quite sparse and meager at the moment.

More nightsabers, faerie dragons, treants, wisps and owls. The wildlife, in general, should remind one more of Teldrassil.

The light there is too bright. It should be a bit dimmer. They are Night Elves.

I would appreciate it if at least a few other races would make an appearance.
Like Worgen and Draenei.
And if the place is indeed going to remain neutral… which, honestly, I find questionable given the long list of Horde’s destruction, but well, I’m generally in favor of all races becoming neutral, so I won’t argue against it…
Anyway, if the place stays neutral, then I could also imagine that perhaps a few Tauren, Highmountain Tauren, Vulpera and maybe even Trolls and Nightborne could help with the construction and there could be some NPCs of theirs present. Mostly, it should still be centered around Night Elves, but a bit of diversity wouldn’t hurt. The game is, in its strict racial separation, generally quite backward. So it would be nice seeing things change for the better.

Also Shandris should really get her own model. It’s about time and she still looks like a regular player model.


I was about to come create a post about the same thing!

I’ve been playing Classic for a long time and for me the biggest change I hope we get to Amirdrassil is the Light! While questing on Teldrassil, even if it’s daytime there’s this dim purple hue that makes the zone magical and fitting for Night Elves.
Currently Amirdrassil is looking way to Emerald Dreamy which was fine while it was in the Emerald Dream but now that it’s on Azeroth it could be a Perfect way to show that perhaps Elune’s magic is casting a pseudo perpetual Night as a symbol of reward for all that night elves have endured?

And talking about it being too Emerald Dream like, it’s true that we need iconic Kaldorei/Kalimdor fauna. Currently there are many species native to the Emerald Dream and that should not be the case as they are after all from another realm.
Just replace those Somnowls for regular Kalimdor Owls and those Dreamsabers for Kalimdor sabers.

A nice detail we could get may be those wooden spiral stairs you use to climb those Trees in Teldrassil so you can access different levels. That would make the impression of night elves living inside differentparts of the trees. Adding doors and windows along the way even if just for decoration.

So far I’m very pleased and I know it’s a WIP so that’s why I hope all the suggestions we are making could help make it even a better place.

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Oh, while we’re at it, I’d also like to see:

  • A portal to Ashenvale (speaking of… please update that zone, aswell as darkshore, Blizzard… It’s kinda frustrating seeing so many Alliance zones still in it’s destroyed form. Same goes for the other war front, Theramore etc. But since the night elves will be the focus of the new patch, it would be amazing to see at least Darkshore and Ashenvale updated.)

  • updated night saber mounts

  • still hoping for some customization options aswell, like:
    Blonde hair tones, silvery hair tones, feathers for the hair, visible small fangs, at least some more natural skin tones as highborne options, new young! faces- especially for male night elves and well… their models really need an upgrade… <.<


The new lay out is much better out with the old in with getting back to the heart of Kaldorei culture. Back to being one with nature.
The Central Moon well’s waters even flow out of the well and and be made to go around the island.

They do have building on the tree.

The new lay out is very similar to the old temple with out being stuck in a temple. The roots of Amirdrasil are the roof of the new temple, they are embraced in the Goddess gift.
Look at the name of the new City Bel’Ameth which means embrace of the Goddess.

Celestine of the Harvest could be one for starters.