Bear tanks

Is the item level squish going to affect the bear tanks Breaking 100 K health

ilvl squish isn’t happening…yet…hopefully it won’t.

But afaik, it is only for ToC to make Ulduar gear last longer…? but with ICC we’re going to get massive spike. Honestly, that’s far worse.

How about just not release ToC a month after Ulduar? IDK?
I honestly can’t even imagine why this is a big deal.

If ICC gear remains the same, then yeah, you will be able to get over 100k meat sack.
idk if you can in T9 though.

Pretty sure they said if the squish ToC they will also squish ICC

Short answer: No.

This is what I’m worried about. Planning on being an OT/dps for 25 man going feral and one of the things late im most excited about is breaking that big bear 100k mark in ICC

I wonder if it will have consequences on player power, and as a result, meta shifts.
They already bricked ArmPen, which makes me wonder if we are just going to have a comp full of casters for progs, ya know. Like race first.

and badge gear, I suppose?

The wording is kind of funny, but it seems like what they mean is that an ilvl squish to ToC gear will passively increase the difficulty of ICC.

"iLvl squish for T9/T10/S7/S8

The proposal of reducing the iLvl (and in turn the stats) of items from ToC and onwards (That is T9, T10, Onyxia, Ruby Sanctum, S7 and S8) was made.

The stated goals of this change were as follow:

  • To give more relevance to Ulduar once ToC is released.
  • To increase the difficulty of ICC by reducing power creep.

Furthermore, this change would also reduce power creep and gear disparity in PvP for Season 7 and 8."

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