<Beacon>| GMT+8 PERTH|9/9H| 2 nights/week | LFM Raiders & M+ Pumpers[A/H] FM

Beacon 9/9H is a group which is based in Perth, we are now actively recruiting for S4 and active Mythic + players with an aim to bolster our team.

We are a GMT+8 raiding group, comprising of both seasoned raiders and passionate new players. The team is long standing formed over 2 years ago, achieving AoTC every tier and some mythic kills along the way. The majority of the team actively pushes M+ attaining 3k+ each season.

Our team has an AoTC raid focus with Mythic + on the off nights, with a fair amount of bants and zero drama. The team, made up of friends with a laid back approach to raiding. Having a mindset of attaining AoTC every tier at a reasonable pace, while having fun doing so, pushing keys in between.

We do not change timings during DST.
Raid days are Thur & Sun
We raid from 8.00pm - 10.30pm (GMT+8) - 11.00pm - 01.30am (ST)

M+ on alternate raid nights.

What we are looking for:
-1 x healers (Shammy, Druid, Pally, Pres Evoker, Preferred)
-Exceptional DPS (preference on range)

Interested parties who are looking to raid please contact us directly on Vazallion#3492, Zummbi#7192 or Alaephon#9103 on discord.