<Beacon>| GMT+8 |8/9H 9/9N | 2 nights/week | LF Raiders & M+ Pumpers[A/H] FM

Beacon 8/9H and 9/9N is a group which is based in Perth, we are now actively recruiting for S3 and active Mythic + players with an aim to bolster our team.

We are a GMT+8 raiding group, comprising of both seasoned raiders and passionate new players. That have been together for the last year, achieving AoTC and some mythic kills each tier.

Our team has an AoTC raid focus with Mythic + on the off nights, with a fair amount of bants and zero drama. The team, made up of friends with a laid back approach to raiding. Having a mindset of attaining AoTC every tier at a reasonable pace, while having fun doing so and pushing Keys in between when we are free.

We do not change timings during DST.
Raid days are Thur & Sun
We raid from 8.00pm - 10.30pm (GMT+8) - 11.00pm - 01.30am (ST)

M+ on alternate raid nights.

What we are looking for:
-1 x healers (Shammy, Druid, Pres Evoker, MW Preferred)
-Exceptional DPS with good bants considered

Interested parties who are looking to raid please contact us directly on Vazallion#3492, Zummbi#7192 or Alaephon#9103 on discord.

No disc priests. /gasp. Im in perth and was looking for this time slot

We might be able to make something work, hit me up on discord :Vazallion#3492

How active is your M+ side of things? I currently run Prot with off spec Fury. Struggling to find good people to run with & getting over being subjected to the pug mentality.

Would be interested in potentially joining.

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People are enjoy a bit of a slow down to recupe for 10.2 not unusual hope you understand but in its height M+ has at least a group or more running every night. Well almost every night sometimes weekends we got life on.


We are a crazy bunch but a fun bunch! :stuck_out_tongue:

That moment you re-read your own post and you sound completely inept at wording…

A daily occurrence for me :smiley: Come join us LETSSSS GOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Holy Pally from SG. Do let me know if you are interested. =)

10.2 officially announced now LETS GOOOO!

Still open to a cheeky healer or key DPS.

Last chance to jump into the #1 +8GMT Perth guild!

Keen to pump, lets goooooo

Mage here, hours work well +8 GMT as well. Let me know if you want to trial out

Come trail, will be kicking off raiding again with the new season! find us on the guild sign up page or add me in disco :slight_smile:

Just on the lookout for 1 last healer! would love to hear from a shammy/druid/pres/MW

MW looking for a new home, Have you guys found all your healers ?

Hey mate, we have a spot for a healer add me on discord

Need that solid healer! good prog in week 1!

Daketh - Khaz’goroth - Warcraft Logs

Room for a disc? My heroic one is not up to date since logs were screwed the other week. 5H disc. Logs were 5 healing 20 so overhealing high

You guys have 5 healers. Doh. Ok