Be careful of xferring here

Unless you are level 60 and established careful of this very clicky server that seems to have an huge in-crowd thing going on. I am new to classic just started, although I’m not a new player. My mage is Zulazane, a lot of people saw this yesterday I spammed some in /4 about a ninja looter and the leader of team toxic who trolled me in a BRD run. The thing is what followed was the most messed up crap I’ve seen in the game, ever in 15 years. Dozens of people started whispering me for hours talking trash about me and also the fact that I had corona just to trigger me. I know people love to troll but that just reaches new levels of messed up. A lot of people were happy I got triggered over it too. No one saw what was going on from my point of view because a lot of the trash talking was in whispers.

Part of this community is one of the most toxic I have ever seen in wow, so unless you just like playing with douchbags and talking trash in discord all day, steer clear of this place. At least tichondrius was a decent server skillwise, let’s be honest here smolderweb had like 2-3ish really excellent guilds. Don’t act like you are so good at the game that you can talk this kind of trash to people, especially when someone is recovering from covid at home and just trying to relax and play wow. I told a lot of peeps already on my new server about it, and Warshox the guy who was ninja looted by Beerax on the HOJ prob told some people how toxic this place can be as well.

It seems you just don’t want new people on this server outside of your little “crew” of smolder goods. Sounds good, everyone not part of that group should just leave this place, and everyone considering server transfers should steer clear.

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Are we the drama server?

Amazing if true.

I won’t say “sick, lol” that’s pretty mean.

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Not everyone on the Smolderweb server is a jerk!

This must be a horde thing? The alliance is def very cliquey but never seen it that toxic. I would def classify alliance on smolderweb to be heavily social guild focused. We have a few hardcore guilds but there’s a lot of social and drama that happens. Most of it is harmless though. Alliance has been a peach to play on smolderweb, personally.

So a couple of hordies trolled you and suddenly the whole server is no good, sick.