Bdk/prot warr lf guild on sargeras


Myself and a few friends of mine just moved to Sargeras to seek better opportunities for progression. Our guild was 3/9M and struggled hard to get the 4th down as attendance dwindled and raid lead just recently leaving. Unfortunately, I switched to tank (was a healer) come season 2 of BFA and do not currently have any logs, but would be willing to do a test run if allowed. I understand this late in the game being a tank is very hard because most teams are set for 8.2, so if I am not invited for 8.2 , I will be looking into playing tank for M+ and dps for raids ~ WW/FROST DK/FURY WARR (this would require proper gearing for good logs)

I enjoy pushing keys a lot as well, again I am stuck at about 1750 io due to lack of healer and dps attendance.

The friends are a BM hunter and RET pally, both having high parses, and playing their class very optimally.

Please reply here or shoot me a message on Disc @ Nyte#5973




I would really like to chat with you. If my our info works for you add me and we can chat.

I am the recruitment officer for Diminishing Returns on Dalaran. We are a 13-year-old Alliance raiding guild formerly from Keal’thas.

We pride ourselves in stability and a good raid environment.

Raid Times: Tuesday and Wednesday 8pm till 11pm est. (6 hrs. per week)

Current Progression :
BOD 9 of 9 Normal - 9 of 9 Heroic – 6 of 9 Mythic
CS 2 of 2 Normal and 2 of 2 Heroic

I can be reached at my btag – Geo#1668 or discord – Geomas#3175 – Take a few minutes to chat with me.

Appreciate your time,