BattlePetCount not working?

It hasn’t been updated for a few years, but it’s been working up until very recently. I like being able to mouse over a battle pet and easily see how many I’ve captured, as well as the breed.

Edit to clarify- it seems to work when I mouse over a pet I’ve already collected, like the Shore Crab, but not for new pets added in Dragonflight.

Can anyone recommend a replacement or a workaround? Or perhaps I’ve missed a setting somewhere in the interface?

Thanks :slight_smile:

It seems like a lot of pet battle addons are out of date and looking abandoned right now. I miss Pet Journal Enhanced, but that hasn’t been updated since 8.0 and throws a lot of lua errors when I try to enable it now. (The author is also the author of Weakauras, so I imagine that’s where most of their development time goes for now.)

pet tracker seems to be working hoeever the altered battle UI and pet flags for breed ID and suggested pet spells to use dont appear to be working at all when engaging with new pets on drsgon isles resulting in the UI frames to be blank and empty as well as the formatting alignment to be stretched and slid to the side leaving no way to leave the battle other than by fulling logging out of said toon.