Battlepetaholic Looking For Guild On Any US Realm


Howdy Folks:

I’ve been looking at the Guild Recruitment Forum and it seems to me that most everyone is looking for a Raid Guild, (or Guilds that do Mythic’s)… and Guilds that are recruiting players here are in search of like minded individuals.

About me:

I’m a 58 years of age gentleman; a retired disabled Vet that’s been playing WoW since February, 2005. At this point in my life I only have two commitments: getting to church for Sunday Service each week, and visiting with my doctor(s) at the VA Clinic during those moments in which I have a need for their services.

Other than that- I’m not married, I have no kids and I have no pets. I do what I want and I go where I want whenever I want… which is why I don’t Raid or do Mythic’s. That aspect of the game requires a commitment; one which I’m not willing to make. When it comes to commitment my attitude is thus: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”.

There are those moments in which I log into the game on a daily basis; on other occasions I don’t log into the game for days or even weeks at a time… which is why Battlepet, toy and mount collecting all work for me. I’m able to do those things at my leisure without having to be in any particular place at any particular time (everyone has their niche I suppose).

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find any guild that have many members which share the same interests as that of my own… which is why I’m submitting this post in this forum. I’m hoping to encounter some like minded players that are willing to help me in the pursuit of obtaining certain pets.

I have a number of different “alts” that I’m working on in order to get the Class specific Battlepets. I’m hoping to find a Guild which have some members that are willing to assist me in my current endeavor.


I’m not a very strong follower insofar as collecting mounts is concerned, and so currently I only have 299 mounts.

At the moment I have 405 toys.

My Battlepet collection consists of 1087 Battlepets, 1059 of which are unique. Only 484 of my Battlepets are at max level at the present time… and it’s taking me FOREVER to get them all up-to-date.

I play both Horde and Alliance, although my Main (Hunter) and a second character (Druid) are Alliance… which I will not change.

I’m willing to transfer my characters to any US realm (though an East Coast Realm would be my favorable choice).

I’m hoping to find at least ONE Guild in which (at least) SOME guild members have an interest in Mounts, Toys, and especially Battlepets. I’m looking to make a permanent move.

Thank you in advance for responding to my post.