Updates cause Shadowlands to Chug

Every single time there’s an update for Shadowlands in the launcher while you’re playing Shadowlands, the entire game will chug heavily and completely freeze after a bit.

I’m not sure why this happens, but it seems like every time I’ve got performance issues, it’s related to this as each and every time the chug starts, there’s an update.

Might just be because there are 10 million updates a day, but this is just what I’ve noticed. This same behaviour does not happen with WoW Classic.

Update: Per someone’s suggestion, I disabled’s Automatic Updates by going to Settings -> Downloads -> Game Updates and then checking the “Never automatically apply updates” option.

Haven’t had a problem since. This used to happen several times per day.

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I opened this post to suggest that and see you found it yourself. Thanks for reporting back Crieve

This helped, thank you!