Battleground Twinks

In 2023? I just waited 45 minutes in queue to go up against a couple hunters who had fully twinked and were one shotting everybody.
How is this not disruptive to the play experience, or justifiable, when you can enter a match you have no chance in, absolutely no chance, after a 45 minute wait?
And the only option is to exit the BG essentially wasting time further. Or sit and get destroyed for 10 minutes just rezzing in the GY.
Of course, if everybody just left, or if everybody didn’t rez, they wouldn’t be able to farm, and would have their time wasted. But that’s not generally how people play, and it shouldn’t be the only responses available.
Low level twinking has been out of control for far too long. It’s detrimental to the play experience, and discourages new players from even wanting to play. It needs to go.


blizz doesnt care about lowbie bgs. nobody cares about lowbie bgs


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True twinks are pretty rare. You can quickly tell if they are exploiting if you see the xp reduction debuff on them that is used to prolong their stay in the bracket. This makes it easy to report people.

As always with twink complaints, this post is lacking in details. Like are they hunters in enchanted heirlooms or are they fully twinked out in near BiS. Were they abusing the xp reduction exploit? What level bracket?

People are not going to waste their time with a thread that comes off as a complaint about low level hunters if you can’t even provide the most basic details. We know low level hunters are busted. If they exploited then it’s worth mentioning. If they are simply well geared hunters leveling through, then get over it and don’t get derailed focusing on twinks.

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So, your mad because someone else took the time to go out of their way to find rare gear specifically for that character specifically at that level, along with spending thousands of gold on heirlooms to be at the correct level, finding old enchannta, and generaly following the model of gear progression and stat min/maxing and you didnt and they beat you?

Twinksnare nothing special and have existed since forever and are typically beatable if you just put in a small amount of effort to gear yourself.

Literally just play the game.


Yes. /10char

“if you wanna beat a twink in your leveling bracket just become a twink and spend 1k hours grinding for those sweet sweet lvl 19 warforged epics”




Just level up and move on…

You heard it hear first folks, Lowbie bgs are for twink scum only, dont farm your honor while you level to have gear at max

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Can easily farm honor at max and be fully geared in a couple hours of play.

If you are going to cry that much about twinks then just level and get it done.

Id rather ruin a twinks bg, than a level 70s by being undergeared

at least then no one has fun



To each their own.

All i am saying is stop crying about it. Its been 17 years lol.

Besides you can get max honor from 60-70 and that bracket really isnt even that bad compare to something like 19.

Oh sugar, I’m not crying, I know full well twinks arent going anywhere and lowbie bgs will always be bullies gettin their fix. I just like to complain.

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The irony is that they’d hate if people actually listened because if there are no mortals to farm, what is the point of twinking?

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The point of twinking is to bully people grinding honor while they level. It is the only advantage you could have over doing max pvp.


Gear at low level isnt hard to get . I decked this toon out on a tuesday. Maybe you should put some effort into your toon and you wont have so many problems in battlegrounds.

Having to “prepare” a character for levelling BGs is dumb and scaling should protect levellers from sweaty people that want to farm them.


Maybe you should just use regular gear without needing to get outside help to run mythics for gear? Or not use the xpoff debuff to stay at that level to get the gear? I mean, you’re there for those amazing low level balance or talents or abilities or some other nonsensical reason and totally not there to just wreck under geared people right?