Battleground Blitz queues

I have sat a queue a few times as well as some other friends have done so as well with it never popping. We chalked it up to not enough people were queueing. However, someone I know reported that he gathered up 16 people and they all queued. The queue still never popped. Wondering if there is something wrong with the queue?

Hello! A follow up to this. When you queue for Battleground Blitz on the PTR it says you have been queued for Comp Stomp, but the little queue eye thing says Battleground Blitz. Not sure if that is a bug if that is affecting queues or not. We are going to try and do more testing today around 2pm EDT so I guess we will see if queues are working.

You should record if you get any games going, would love love to see gameplay.

There was definitely a bug preventing the matchmaker from launching Battleground Blitz on the PTR.

This is now resolved.



Appreciate the response!

@Kaivax coming in with the good news!!

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Queues still not popping. Need more people!


People are getting them to pop today. Still slow but there are some queues popping.

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I have been in queue for foreeeevvvva. lol. But still waiting.

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Do you have to que solo for it?

Should small groups, say 2-3 people, be allowed to que together for it so people who want to play with friends can access the game mode?

RBGs are already dead and this will kill what’s left. Solo RBG will be the new RBG. Would be nice if there was some amount of flexibility to play the mode with a friend or two.

I know premades are an issue for random bgs, but solo RBG will separate out based on skill/gear over time so 2-3 people queing together shouldn’t swing things that dramatically. Particularly if the sort que prioritizes putting groups vs groups or adjusts MMR slightly to account for it or something.

As it stands right now, you can duo queue if one of you is a healer.

I’m going to try again on the weekend when I have more time.

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Is there any plan to implement the new Pvp Vendor before the community event Friday?

Because right now, the best gear on PTR I’ve found is crafted gear around 483 item level. Could be very lopsided games between people in-the-know and people who aren’t.

Wouldn’t y’all want to test the Brawl with actual PvP gear?

Or, alternatively, what about also adding a yolo que option to regular RBGs where partial groups can que and be put together?

There are a handful of us, a few from EU and a few from NA that have been queuing, only a couple of queues have popped so far. Still trying to get the word out so maybe more people will queue up.

Been in queue for a few days, but nothing. Have seen the queue with “Estimate time” which means one must have popped.

Right now I’m wondering if I’m just queuing at the wrong time (6PM to 10PM EDT) and missing people. Could also be a problem with roles if too many healers are queueing.

Do you know any specific hours when the queue popped the most ?

Not really. Been during EU times I think. We think it may be a faction problem as well, not enough of one faction queuing. Not 100% on this but I think since it’s a brawl it’s still faction locked. Hoping it won’t be when it goes live though.