Battle pet in Auction house

I just came back after being away a few months. I went to buy a pet out of the auction house. It doesn’t show the breed. I could swear it did when I played last. Is this a bug or something new?

The UI doesn’t show breed details by default. You’ll need to install an addon to show the breeds of battle pets. I use Battle Pet BreedID


Thank you. I have that installed and it still isn’t showing up. I’ll uninstall /reinstall it and see if that helps. Thanks for helping me narrow down the problem.

I’m seeing that with that Add-on, only AH pets it won’t show breed are the newest ones, just tags as NEW

I’m not getting any breed on any pets. I uninstalled/reinstalled and it didn’t help. I’m really at a lost as to what could be wrong.

Not sure if you have specific settings for individual toons, but is the addon turned-on for the toon you’re checking the AH with? Addon List > All or ‘name of toon’ > Battle Pet BreedID is checked on

Another thing to check: Are the battle pets you’re viewing the caged version or the item? Only caged versions on the AH will show breeds. Items that teach you the pets won’t show any additional information.

If none of the above is applicable, then the only other thing I can think of is maybe an addon conflict. Do you have an AH addon? Or maybe a separate Pet Battle addon that might be interfering with Battle Pet BreedID?

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If it looks loaded and enabled as Quintessence suggests checking, also go into /bpbid and make sure “Show Battle Pet BreedID Tooltips…” -> “On Items” is checked. (Roughly lower-left of the window that appears.)

If that options is unchecked, you won’t see breeds in the AH.

Also don’t forget to periodically update your breed addon, especially as new content is added. These addons can’t infer what breed they are if they’re not coded to recognize them. That’s why you see “NEW” breeds after a new pet is added, until the breed addons are updated to include them.

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I deleted all my addons and added BreedID back in. Worked perfectly. So then I added addons back in testing each one until I found the conflict. I couldn’t get it to work with Arkinventory. The breedid is much more important to me so it won.