Battle Pet Cut Off?

I used to only capture blues, but now I have dozens of each stone and dozens of the universal stones.

I’m going for collected rather than quality, so any’s fine to check them off the list.

If I find a rare further down the line though? Sayonara, gray.

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This thread reminds me that I really need to restock my store of upgrade stones. I only have a couple left.

I’m not much of a battle pet collector but I’ve been known to go out of my way to get a rare spawn battle pet. If a particular battle pet has a limited spawn-time window I’ll go ahead and take the white rarity and try for a better rarity until I get something good or until the window closes.

Yes, they have and same with Minfernal.

My first Minfernal also originated on a Spanish-speaking realm. I think it was Ragnaros.

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Depends. If it’s just a common one or one I’ll never use then I’m fine with even a white level. Just for collection’s sake. I’ll replace it if a better one comes along.

If it’s special or I actually will level it then I’ll take the time to find a rare one.

Brazilians speaks Portuguese. (Ragnaros server is mostly Brazilians but others too)

I take what I can get. Only once or twice have I battled over and over to get a blue version, and only when I was leveling a pet or there were plenty of the pet I was trying to get around. If it’s a rare pet grey is totally fine by me. It’s cheap enough to buy a stone or get one off a WQ.

Hey, Trainer Sifu here. Just catch pets by the stats that are best for them instead of rarity. The Rare upgrade stones are pretty cheap and easy to get.

Depends on the rarity… Like the turtle on the beach on in Pandaria I was glad to get a white… Sometimes I’ll upgrade them, sometimes I won’t. Depends on their battle set. I do have an ultimate goal though to not have anything less than rares in my whole list.

Edit: also want that 5000 pet battle achievement.

i just started doing pet battles a couple weeks ago, and i used to only look for blue pets. then i learned about the breeds and trying to get the safari achievements done before my game time ran out (finished Battle Safari last night 10 minutes before my time ran out!). once i really started on the Safari’s, i took whatever quality as long as the breed was right and used the upgrade stones when i got them. and when Legion WQ’s would have them, id have 15 characters to run them thru!

i still have a ton of green and lower quality to go. maybe 8.2 will make WoW fun again and ill be able to knock several of those out and make them blue too.

It’s kinda BS they changed the ability to buy these with the old charms, and didn’t just create a NEW stone and disable the old ones.

Now some people have to farm their butts off and others can completely ignore it forever.

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That pet is amazing

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Off topic, but I wish battle pet leveling had got an extra 5 levels every expansion or something. I enjoyed the feature at first, even helped run a lil tournament once, but without any sense of progression after MoP the whole thing just felt stagnant to me. Ended up selling most of my cageable pets since I wasn’t using them anymore.

I know progression isn’t really the point of a pokemon clone after a certain point though (and definitely not if we’re talking about the card game).

Ya, I know I have to go get one one of these day lol…


One of these days is what I say about finishing the Celestial Tournament lol

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You too?!?!? LOL


I’m so lazy about it that I’ve gone all the way out there and decided nope not feeling it today. I still need two of the pets and one day I swear I’ll get them

I think the original plan was to add levels every expansion. However, I don’t think Blizzard expected people to collect 1000+ pets at the time either. I suspect some people will be getting close to the 2000 pet limit with different breeds and such. Leveling so many pets every two years could be burdensome.

Instead the progression is a little different. Mainly through the Family Battler achievements and the dungeons being added.