Battle of Dazar'alor Mythic and Raid Finder Wing 1 Available

Who is working on Mythic? What do people think of the first LFR wing? Let us know what you think!

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Do we know if there will be any changes made to the boss encounters in normal/heroic?

I heard something about a normal blockade hotfix but not sure if that was real news.

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I think the new raid is brilliant. Initially, the whole faction swapping towards the end didn’t sit right with me, but I am glad the devs are taking risks with raid design.

Post bug fixes, I am certain people will laud BfD as one of the saving graces for BFA for years to come.


Loving the new LFR Can Finally do raid.


I mean… it’s probably not great but I have no basis for comparison since I’m on the forums and not actually trying the content. But you know, to keep with tradition, I as a forum goer will deem it to be not great before I try it.

All of the confirmed hotfixes are posted about here:

We continue to monitor and change things as we feel necessary but I am not aware of any specifics at this point for the raid.

Note: This was just updated today and includes several updates to normal/heroic difficulty.

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LFR seemed rather easy given that I had 0% knowledge of where I was going. Granted, I didn’t get any beneficial loot, but that’s usually how it goes.

Just did LFR on a few characters today and it was fine. I like wings that don’t take a long time to do.


Agree, I did the first 3 bosses on normal with my guild last night and even with three wipes on first boss and two on second (Rabbid Kong is just a gear check) it felt a lot smoother than clearing Zul trash.

I hope they keep moving away from the whole “more trash = better” idea.


I think the new raid is infinitely more interesting the way it is set up, I loved the way Horde kills the Alli version of Grong and then we have to kill the undead version. Makes so much sense. And the trash is so much better then Uldir. The trash packs before Zul are something i never want to do again.

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Just did the LFR version of this new raid yesterday and I found it relatively simple to complete.

The group I was in downed every boss without any wipes. Additionally, I found this raid to be a lot easier than the LFR version of Uldir.

I really enjoyed the cut-scenes as well and overall the experience was quite enjoyable.

There is definitely a big difference in gear check between first and second boss on mythic.

First boss we literally one shot with just a brief explanation. (i got my sword yay)

second boss we probably spent 4 hours on total unsuccessful.

one of our healers died at full health just from getting the tank thrown on them on the second boss. the 20% extra stamina on updated azerite gear definitely seems to matter on the second boss, even if it is an ilvl downgrade.

(we are probably undergeared for mythic BoD but we ended 7/8 mythic uldir. just haven’t full cleared heroic BoD yet)

I’m not sure when a good place usually is in the past for gear checks but 2nd boss seems a bit early for a gear check?

It took 20 minutes to get into raid finder during the end of peak time. That seems high to me, and suggests that it’s not as popular as, say, the Legion raids.

The initial cinematic was good - it was nice to see what happened with the bombs we planted while questing.

The game play was pretty routine - not up to Legion raids, and not much more interesting than war fronts. It was fun to see the same terrain that we saw in the war mode PVP invasions of Dazar’Alor last week, but the actual action in the PVP invasions was more interesting.

What would have been really interesting would have been to have the bosses exist in war mode Dazar’Alor, so the Horde wouldn’t have been wiped so easily in their home city.

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