Battle of Dazar’alor Raid Finder Wing 3 Available!

The defeat of King Rastakhan at the hands of the Alliance sets the stage for retaliation by the Horde. In this final chapter of the Battle of Dazar’alor, Alliance players will play through the events from the perspective of the Horde.

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Obligatory obnoxious complaint about BoD being officially over story-wise and where are the ARs?! :skull: :skull_and_crossbones:


This was a great and fun raid. Not so much Jaina with the annoying mechanics but definitely a fun raid overall.

Oh my god I cared so little I almost passed out


hey now, LFR Jaina has a chance to drop Mekkatorque’s mount … because reasons. Maybe now you care a little more?

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Oh okayyyy

Great job ruining the value of raiding. It once meant something to a lot of people . Myself included.


8.1.5 in 2-3 weeks, then?

Poor snowflake.



I thought it was previously announced that the new allied races would be released with this update. Have plans changed? Or am I missing something?

Much as I love Jaina, I would kill her in a heartbeat for a mount.

They are coming with the next/8.1.5 content update but we haven’t released a date for this yet. We are getting there though!

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Well, okay! We shall see it when it is ready then! Don’t want people looking at my troll paladin and saying his cornbread ain’t done in the middle.

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Thanks! It was fun and people seriously need to stop being so dramatic about LFR. If you think LFR killed guild raiding maybe your guild just sucks if people would rather deal with LFR.

Do we have to raid jaina to progress our war campaign? I’m not a raider, and the only reason I raid is to complete quest/s.


there was a story this expansion?

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Just finished it. Not a fan of fighting against Alliance, but after Halford mentioned Mekkatorque’s condition, I figured I wanted to see how it happened.

First two wipes I’ve seen in Raid Finder this expansion, on Mekkatorque and Jaina. I think that was more because our hearts weren’t in the fights on the first go around than because of difficulty. From an encounter design standpoint, Jaina was a fun fight, with interesting but intuitive mechanics - very different from most of the 5 mans this expansion.

Thanks for letting me keep my wireframe, but even so, I’m not sure I could have managed staring at Horde style armor had not someone, thankfully, dropped a Christmas costume chest. Everyone appreciated that!

Wow, Anduin really shows his wimpiness in the quest completion afterward! Any chance Alliance can be offered a way to turn against him and his “peace in our time” appeasement at any cost, the way the Horde have a chance to turn against Sylvanas? Genn would be a far better High King.