Battle of Dazar’alor Raid Achievements and Off-Season Details

What’s the reasoning for this? I’m working on the keystone master achieve and this is only hurting my chances at getting it.

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Thank you very much for separating out patch 8.2 from seasonal rewards. Season 1 to Season 2 transition was a very jarring experience with big changes to the game before Season 1 officially ended. I’m really glad to see you guys resolved to not put people through a meta shift before the end of a PvP season this time around. :+1:


This is basically the equivalent of closing ToV Cutting Edge when Nighthold released instead of when it ended.

Really bad decision.


If I’m not mistaken, we’re on week 20 of a 25 week PvP gear schedule.

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Which means Rise of Azshara (8.2) should release July 16. Week 25 starts July 9, and this post says 8.2 launch marks the end of Season 2. Two week off-season period follows, which lines up with the 2 weeks post-8.2 launch until Season 3 launches.

If we know all this already, why can’t they just come out and say 8.2 launches on July 16?


Crucible of the Storms Cutting Edge will be unobtainable when Azshara’s Eternal Palace opens?

We’re already talking about Crucible of the Storms Cutting Edge removal, but Crucible of the Storms raid is not even out for TWO MONTHS, yet!

I thought that Crucible of the Storm was meant to be a mid/late Season raid like Trial of Valor with its rewards still attainable within two tiers Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold…

This is madness! Alliance Crucible of the Storms Hall of Fame will be halfway when Eternal Palace begins…

If that’s how those mini raids will work going forward, with a short reward duration with extremely overturned bosses, I hope Crucible of the Storms is the last mini-raid we’ll ever see.


Yeah absolutely no one is doing your next mini-raid if it’s similar to how CoS turned out.


Should really tell us when the patch is coming so guilds can figure out if it is worth the headache to push for this or not. You are killing your player base Blizzard with decisions like this.

Why we are at it, can you just tell us if you are going to nerf Mythic CoS again or not so at least guilds have all information they need to make an informed decision? The mythic raiding community is in the dark so much when it comes to stuff like this.


I can’t wait for classic so I can forget about these God awful systems


Mini-raids should be a Bonus Content, not these overtuned messes that are harder than the last boss of the “Main Raid”…

Method killed Uu’nat almost TWO WEEKS after the Mythic release, with 417.35 average item level and TEN (10) WARLOCKS…


im so glad you guys STILL haven’t learned.

still waiting for tiger’s peak which was to be fixed “soon”
still waiting for 8.2 patch release date which is now labeled “soon”
still waiting for ANY spec changes that effect pvp, which oh? “soon”?

multi-billion dollar company in what universe? I’ve seen better communication between 2 blind/deaf people.


They are losing business, Moral is all time low and their best dev are making mobile games that no one wanted. Activision pretty force them to abandon their old games.


Why not close Crucible of the Storms Cutting Edge and Ahead of the Curve when 8.2.5 patch drop, instead?


“Fight to the finish!”

Yeah, um, this season was finished in March. I don’t know if this is the longest season in the history of the game, but it’s frankly embarrassing. I had the armor set appearances long, long ago. I’m now on the 400 tier and found out that it’s useless to go further because Benthic starts at 385. Yeah, good luck with those queues.

It would appear season 3 will start without its own warfront, because the AI is evidently in such horrible shape you had to FIX Arathi to be playable first.

Season 3 won’t be a real season until it has an associated warfront – the heroic isn’t gonna do it.

If anything from this thread is clear, it’s that players feel they haven’t had enough time and that making the achieves unobtainable so soon after release comes as an unexpected decision.

I think the rules need to be adjusted in cases like CoS.( Or maybe just in general)
“Achieves are available until the next tier releases” was a fine rule when there was 20-24 weeks between tiers. CoS probably won’t be more than 12 weeks old when EP hits.

I think length of availability should be a factor.
You should probably, as a baseline, give people a minimum of 20 weeks to go get these achieves after release. Independent on how fast you release new raid tiers, mini-raids, or single boss raids. Give people a minimum window in which to earn these rewards. If the window drags on for longer, if the next new release is latter than X amount of min weeks. So be it, keep the achieves open and obtainable for as long as the content remains the most current release; but at least longer than the min week threshold.

Also, communication would have probably made this situation a little less bad. I find it hard to believe no one on the dev team was roughly aware that this window with CoS was going to be shorter than what we saw with past tiers.
Giving people a heads up before hand or on release would have kept players in the loop.


It would be okay if the encounters were less harder than Jaina since it’s a mini-raid with only two bosses.

But it’s not! Both Restless Cabal and Uu’nat are like two bosses that would come after Jaina in difficulty, they’re like the 10th and 11th bosses of this tier.

This is really cruel and unfair with the raiding community like Raei said some post above.

I really don’t understand why they’re not handling this Mini-Raid as they did with Trial of Valor, it doesn’t make any sense!

Heck, they’ll be closing the Hall of Fame regardless if it’s closed or not… I mean, WHAT???


Its so disgustingly obvious that Blizz are sitting on 8.2 until just before the release of FFXIV’s expansion. They know that if they release 8.2 now all of the “new content” will be consumed and people will flock to FFXIV.

So sad to see the King of MMOs begging for scraps


Everyone, give your energy to Ion and his guild so they can finish Jaina progression.

Once they’re in Crucible you’ll only have to wait a couple of days before he nerfs it for them.


No they aren’t. Season 2 has been humiliatingly long for them and people are bored to tears and have been since before Crucible and adding ONE RAID did nothing for me.

Then I guess Season 4 won’t be real season either, since it’ll just be Heroic Darkshore.

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