down/World Server Down

I have been unable to connect to anything except forums and down detector is showing outages across the country. ((h ttps://
Also was unable to uninstall Battle(dot)net app and had to manually remove it from my computer as it would not update not scan/repair. Unable to re-download the clients. Server times out.

You are not alone I am also having that issue we don’t know what is causing it yet but check out the other threads. I was fishing when it dced me and i cant get back on with Malliwix on WRA keeps sticking at the load screen saying the server is not there, bnet wont connect at all but I was able to access moon guard with no problem so i dont know what the crap is going on… At this point I think Im going to go watch a movie with some popcorn or something and hope its fixed tomorrow…

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I’m having the same issues as well. It’s going so far as in I can’t search anything “battle net” on my browser, it won’t load. I’ve tried reinstalling the app but nothing has helped or worked. Hope I can maybe understand what’s going on soon. The error code I’m getting is: "BLZBNTBNA000003E8 (1118). I can’t see what it says because it’s on a battle net website, so maybe I can find out what that is, too

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“If” you both have Xfinity:

From my conversation with a rep a few minutes ago, there’s an upgrade currently taking place, and should be complete within a few hours. It’s affecting traffic to part of the WoW / servers, among other things.


There’s a few people using a VPN, which would circumvent the issue and allow you to play for now. Didn’t mean to link it straight to my reply, but not going to bother with it haha.


make sure you update your window update
go to account and find the game download
reinstall battle net
I was getting a dll missing error code