Battle-Hardened Heirloom Upgrades: Too expensive?


I’ve noticed that the 4th-level Heirloom Upgrades are available to purchase now from Estelle Gendry/Krom Stoutarm. However, the jump in prices seems rather absurdly high.

Battle-Hardened Armor Casing costs 15,000 gold, a 10,000 gold increase from the cost of the Weathered Armor Casing (5000).

Battle-Hardened Scabbard costs 22,500, a whopping 15,000 increase from the cost of the Weathered Scabbard (7,500).

Could you please consider lowering these to a more reasonable price range?

(Svenska) #2

Definitely not upgrading my heirlooms at that cost. Especially considering how big a pain in the butt making gold is this time around if you hate the AH game.

(Zulzamba) #3

Actually, where the real cost will be for me is that I bought no weapon upgrades for my alts for 100 - 110 because we get artifact weapons. So, now, I am going to have to buy all those AND then buy these Battle-Hardened ones lol

(Albricksen) #4

Personally, I think they really need to consider reworking how heirloom upgrades work. The current system was okay when you had just one or two upgrade tiers beyond the base items, but now we’re exceeding this, and with the prices of the upgrades getting exponentially higher, the overall prices for upgrading heirlooms is practically outrageous.

I really don’t think the current system is sustainable as-is. At the very least they should consider maybe squishing the prices of each tier a bit in order to help keep the price inflation under control.

(Kai) #5

I’m not sure how to expand on this topic, but I absolutely agree. The heirloom prices are astronomical and not at all worth it.

(Brittlehold) #6

Yeah, those prices definitely need to drop.

(Smig) #7

I would like if you got the upgrades for doing things ingame besides grinding up gold. I do feel like holiday participation will go up but other things could award upgrades just as easily.

I wouldn’t mind if you got upgrades for certain achievements. Could be a way to make profession and exploration feats fun again.

(Svenska) #8

I thought you could buy them for holiday currencies? Only certain holidays mind you, but I don’t know if you can buy all the upgrades with them.

They’re definitely way too expensive. I get that they want to make it a money sink, but this is ridiculous. Most of us have full sets of each armor type plus all the weapons, trinkets, necklaces and rings. It’s going to wipe out most of my gold if I try to upgrade them.

(Brittlehold) #9

If the wowhead guide is correct, you can only get certain upgrades during certain holidays.

(Svenska) #10

Sounds right.

(Smig) #11

I knew that some holidays got upgrades but I skip most of them. I like valley of the scarab lord and Halloween one, and boat day.

But if only a few holidays award the upgrads then they really need to look at alternative ways to get the upgrades. Those costs are consistant with what players were making during legion not with bfa.


Blizzard, you are making heirlooms worthless by making them too expensive. Heirlooms in total shouldn’t cost more than the gold you acquire while you level, with maybe a little more on top of that since they are such a nice help.

Making them cost this much is just, yet again, steering people away from what you should want, people wanting to play your game.

Please get your act together.

(Zootzoot) #13

It’s another Gold sink and completely optional. /shrug

You don’t need to upgrade every slot to 120 just the XP Buff slots if all you’re trying to do is to get to 120 ASAP.

I think the cost is fine.

(Nadijeh) #14

I agree they’re too expensive.

(Dìònysus) #15

blizzard’s greeds starting to show


I agree. When a token is only 115k, that means if you wanted to buy tokens to upgrade them it would cost close to $100.


I agree heirlooms were already expensive. I really dont know how so many ppl make so much gold other than buying tokens. For me 15k to upgrade is stupid. I think its already weird enough that you can upgrade them before this expansion is over. Its irritating when players who do have a lot of gold from whatever they do and they think everyone else does. Its just assumed that everyone has like a million gold. I made like 150k in the beginning casually mining but thats it. Making gold isnt the only thing I want to do in game and buying boosts isnt my thing.

(Shadina) #18

The prices are insanity. I agree.

(Varrow) #19

These prices are absurd. Nothing else to say.

(Kaivax) #20

In the most-recent new build on the PTR (that was deployed yesterday), the prices of the upgrade tokens were adjusted. They should now be:

| 90 | 500g | 750g |
|100| 1000g| 1500g |
|110| 2000g| 3000g |
|120| 5000g| 7500g |

PTR Heirloom Upgrades cost 15000g and 22500g
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