Battle for the Undercity still doesn't work

Title. Jaina doesnt summon a portal. Event wont restart. Anyway yeah


Even following the info in this post?

Quest also still won’t work for me. No portal to UC available in Stormwind. Traveled to Tirisfal Glades to see if I could manually turn in the quest or find the NPC to reset the phase, but the NPC was not there. Abandoned the quest to see if either would change – still no portal in SW and the NPC in Tirisfal Glades is not there. Now I have no way of re-accepting The Battle For The Undercity and progressing the questline.

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Same here. No portal in SW, no Jania anywhere, no NPC in near UC sewers to talk too. I have no way to phase back to the phase version of UC to talk to Varian.

Thankyou saved me a trip to undercity
I have the same issue, and judging by the people running in and out of the throne room a couple of times so do others

I got lucky. Got to do it solo with King Varian.

Basically a war/Ret 2’s PVP team against all of the Undercity.

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I don’t think they “can” fix it.

same. the NPC not at T glades. Orgrimmar still broken

Did this quest last night with no issues. This isn’t a fix, but a work around - Get invited to a different layer, it may help.

Nah. Nothing has worked sadly.

My issue is I logged out after getting the quest to go with Jaina to speak with Thrall. The next day when I logged in she was no longer there and I can’t get her to return. I even ran to Org hoping she would be there but I got Thrall’s hospitality instead. Lucky I could bubble hearth.

the NPC is still missing from tiris glades. my Org and UC are still absolutely broken.

Same, i accepeted the quest and moved to undercity and soloed it lol.

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I have completed all of the quests for this chain and my UC and Org are still broken. I have spoken to the NPC and it gives me the option to switch between phases but both options show me the Battle for Undercity.

I’ve completed the quest and now UC + Org are phased out for me. Even talked to the NPC in front of UC and didn’t change a thing

Just went into Org, back in the normal instance. TY Bilzard.

question regarding this…when you’re teleported to Orgrimmar along with Jaina, to speak to Thrall…is it a phased version of Org? like will you be able to go and fish something from the waters, or run Ragefire Chasm just for kicks?

I did it a few days ago and didn’t have any issue

Same here, is there any solution? I can’t fish or see any normal NPCs in org/uc even if i use the dragon to switch phases. I did the entire event I think before the fixes were in and it’s still broken for me.

I tried again yesterday and it worked or me (finally!):

I went to Orgrimmar and saw I was still phased. So I ran all the way near Undercity to talk to that NPC that were supposed to phase you in/out. The NPC will ask whether you have finished your business here and when you say “Yes”, it finally puts you back to the normal phase.

Hope that works for you too!

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