Battle for Azeroth expansion pack


I am a returning player after taking a break for almost 10 years and I seen or heard somewhere that if you purchase the battle for azeroth expansion pack that all the previous expansion packs are included in the download is this correct?

(Kozzae) #2

Not exactly, but but any new license is automatically upgraded to at least Legion content, you only have to pay game time to play the account. So if you have a wow license, you are good to go up to 110 by just adding game time

Adding BFA just gives you the content from 110-120, and a free 110 character boost.


Thank you for replying so quickly. I have another question. when I was playing years ago they didn’t have the desktop app and I was using the disc to install the expansions. I used the desktop app to install world of Warcraft this time. I think I have the expansions up until cataclysm however those discs are somewhere and storage and I would have no idea where to locate them at at this time. however if I do somehow locate those expansions can I install from the discs and it be compatible with the download of world of Warcraft or do I have to buy the downloads from the store? Seeing as how I started this time with the download instead of the discs.


You don’t need anything but the download, Sici - that will always be the most current.

The disks are literally, useless - well, I suppose they may make pretty coasters :stuck_out_tongue:

(Levíathan) #5

No need! The download has the entire game (all expansions) contained within. Everything through and including Legion is unlocked (with gametime) and only the most recent expansion, Battle for Azeroth, requires purchase to unlock. So essentially, you’ll have 7/8ths of the entire game available to you just by adding game time.