Battle for Ashenvale Fixes -- More Coming

With realm restarts earlier today, we applied a hotfix to Season of Discovery that was designed to help with the issue where players were sometimes being suddenly moved to a different layer mid-combat.

We’ve been working on additional fixes that we intend to apply to the game with realm restarts later this week. One of these is an additional adjustment for the % progress counter moving backwards or resetting.

Mainly, we want everyone to know that these issues have been a priority for us, and we’ll continue to work through them as quickly as possible.


SoD devs are goated


Okay but what about the stealth nerfs to reputation for revered players?


in short, get rekt

Inb4 we find out this is actually Ion Hazzikostas

Mostly kidding, SoD devs are great, keep up the good work guys :slight_smile:

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Does this mean Battle for Ashenvale will still be bugged & continuously reset progress/brick out until servers are restarted later this week?


They said like, last week that the open-world battle is intended to stop at Revered. Otherwise doing WSG would be pointless.

Was having layer issues in Redridge last night as well. Kept phasing in and out of my party. Couldn’t see each other then we could ect.

Where Battle for Ashenvale no longer gives rep past Revered is there any way WSG could give more rep?

Grinding it as Alliance without a premade is miserable where the horde wins 90% of the time and often times we gain no rep and just 1 Mark of Honor.

you mean the thing they fixed and is in today earlier patch notes? Or is it still going on?

Thank you for the update.

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Maybe fix on core game issues before worrying about nerfing classes that dont need nerfing. classic blizzard devs.


you mean nobody at BLizzard bothered to test ANYTHING months before releasing this abomination of a beta?

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A little over an hour ago and shortly before that, it bugged out not allowing progress to be made by Alliance despite all minibosses being downed. The event before this Horde was unable to progress despite killing all minibosses, scorecard said otherwise and boss was immune.

Edit: Also it took almost 15 minutes for bosses to spawn at the start of the event during my last event today.

horde win 90%? BS

If your in a premade on Alliance side you have a good shot at winning, but most people (like myself) don’t do premades. Alliance players who do WSG solo are most of the time paired up with Horde premades and its a complete slaughter.

The only feasible way to grind WSG rep after Revered is to join a premade WSG, but that’s hard because they are looking for people in full Raid BiS or expensive BoE’s now.

Any word on fixes to hunter class? Were still playing 2004 hunters while everyone else gets new things to do.

Could you guys buff explosive shot a little or reduce mana on chim shot… or like anything other than auto/multi afk netflix?


Why are hunters garbage now?, literally a good 40% behind hybrids like rogues and Druids on dps.

They nerfs went to far.


You guys have been hard at work, keep it up!

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Now make devastate rune damage work in all three warrior stances and we good