Batching does not behave like it did in Vanilla

abomination = garbage? cool. It isn’t the original batching. Thats it. Its some screwed up version… just stop.

Oh, you’re just a pedant.

An angry pedant at that too.

That’s an opinion. Don’t argue opinion as fact.

The artificial emulation delay works for you. Doesn’t mean it works properly, or “feels” the same for others.

nah you are just wrong and you obviously have no idea how batching worked. You have a notion and probably some experience about vanilla (if you really do) and you see 1.13 batching and remember smth here and there. But its not 100% correct. Thats it. They say so themselves, but ye keep arguing

sure. its just 95% correct. no point in talking about the tiny bit of code that is off. to compare classic wow to a private server is unfair.

the only way you’re getting the game back, the EXACT 100% VERSION from the past, is by building a time machine bankval

Yup. It is.

I have not seen any facts showing that the way current batching works is different in any meaningful way than Vanilla batching. It is entirely possible to not enjoy it on its own right, but that does not mean its failing as a feature.

I question the “95% accuracy”… It probably is not. Either way, you think you just made your point but you did not. It is not accurate and thats it. So it is just like another Pserver (which is my point).

So GJ? Arguing like a tool and still being short. Well done.

“meaningful”… omg they literally stated it in a blue post that it works differently:

Wether you find it meaningful… nobody cares

For someone so pedantic over the meaning of words, you seem to lose that conveniently when it doesn’t fit your own narrative.

proof is in the pudding, you can deny the pudding exists but it is there

just watch delcimus video, he proves that it is identical in every aspect except its code, which doesnt matter.

Just stop trying to make an argument when its clear you are just fishing. Its annoying. Batching in 1.13 is not the same as 1.12 batching and that is it. Just stop, play the game and look at the wall in your room and wait to die like the rest of us

You’re literally the only person here fixated that they’re not absolutely identical. That is all in your mind. No one is arguing against that.

We’re saying that the simulacrum that they recreated gives an experience that for all intents-and-purposes emulates old batching in a way where there is no meaningful difference for the user.

The literal OP is about 1.13 batching not being the same as the original. Omg what are you doing? The whole topic is about them not being the same and your last line of defense is “You are literally the only person here fixated that they are not the absolutely identical”… wtf are you doing? just stop mate.

The OP is wrong about things. The OP said vendor batching did not exist. There is a literal video of it showing it existing.

And then you stroll in drooling insults because there is literal video proof of batching working with vendors. lol.

You’re the only person stuck on this. And its funny.

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Sure thing. I really hope he did make a video. Trying to prove his limited viewpoint after ignoring the blue post that says batching is not the same as in vanilla. He quotes blue posts in almost every post he engages in but when it comes to batching he just chooses to ignore it and then post his own trashy video that, without even watching it, i can assure you, is omitting plenty of batching occurences.

So ye, lol enjoy.

It does not matter if hes wrong or not. you said “i am the only person here arguing batching is not working as it did in vanilla”

and The OP did too. The whole post of his is about batching being off. I will not respond to you anymore. You are just typing stuff for the sake of it now. This is pointless.

No, i said you’re arguing that batching is not literally identical. A misquoting pedant. Nice.

You are out of valid points I see. GG, move on pls.

For someone who was done talking to me, you’re doing a lot of talking to me.

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Blizzard literally said it’s different.

That being said, its great that you’re happy with it despite the issues it has displayed since beta in regards to pets, and hunter dynamics in particular.